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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Added Government

 I was thinking about my last blog..when I mentioned the PRRD. That, like so many new forms of government, ticks me off. I am fed up with additional layers of government. Now folks, all those new politicians, that come along with the sub-sub-sub groups of the original group, get paid. Give this some thought. We have the original provincial ministry..lets use Health as an example...so I seem to recall, each community was under a region, like North Coast..well...all the communities along the North Coast would be in that clump, Okanagan..hey, that would include all those folks. But, suddenly, someone must have decided there wasn't quite enough red tape, and too much money was being used for actual Health, so...they invented another, completely separate section. lumping regions together into a bigger clump..encompassing far larger areas. So...now we have layer upon layer of government, all, of course, dipping into the tax dollars, to pay their salaries, and expenses. Oh, there are still the little regions, but they now have to go through this new section to get to the top. Keep in mind, these new government groups do not just consist of one person..oh no..there are offices, and receptionists, and reports, and studies, and travel, and computers, etc etc. lots of money..They all have a head honcho, those honchos of course are the cream of the crop, and must be paid enough to keep them happy in these newly invented positions, if we don't, heaven forbid, they might quit, and get some sort of pension, or pay-out, and we will have to hire someone else, which of course will upset the budget. So, the end result, far less of our tax dollars that should be going into the Health care system , get past salaries and expenses. Of course, the solution to that is, raise taxes, and premiums.
  I think the people of B.C. would not mind higher premiums, if they could see improvements in Health care, but...instead, we see cut back, after cut back.
  See, in the real world, a company can keep paying their head honchos sweet salaries, even as their shares dwindle, but...at some point, they have to start laying folks off. Of course they don't start at the top, it is always the bottom that gets cut first, however, sooner or later, the top crumbles(because we all know, it is really held up by the bottom).
  Our government is building too many towers of power. We have this in the health care, now we have it in districts as well. First we have our own community government, and then, suddenly we add on another roll of red tape, and combine that into a regional district. WTF!! Now these new little semi parliaments have leaders, who get paid a nice chunk of change. They all must meet, add expenses on to that..likely where they meet is yet another expense, and they set the rules. We see pretty quickly, population drives everything. The smaller the community, the easier it is to shove them into the background. So, what happens, is, our little communities now answer to the big region, who in turn, answers to whoever, who in turn has access to the top of the tower.
  Government has multiplied. It was a pain in the butt to start with, but, now we have let them grow, and given them more of our tax dollars to pay themselves, so less is used for anything beyond their pockets. We have debt, and for some insane reason, we accept them stacking more towers, held up by the ones who continue to have their benefits, and rights cut back, so the tower becomes an enormous weight.
  The tower of power has become an overwhelming burden to those at the bottom. We are finding it harder , and harder to hold them up there in (where apparently the atmosphere causes a loss of common-sense)the sky. We are having our reason to hold them, chipped away, constantly. They are so high, they can't see their foundation, and have forgotten that the bottom must also be paid to support them.
  I see the foundation crumbling. This is far too top heavy, and the price is far too steep. I for one am tired of having my burden grow, I am running out of strength. I am sure this tower is becoming too shakey, not enough at the bottom. Our only hope is to start lifting the weight off, and coming back down to earth. Perhaps when those at the top of the tower start breathing the same air as those at the bottom, they will begin to understand, you cannot rise to the top, unless you have a solid foundation.