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Tuesday, 20 May 2014


 Today I was totally sickened, yet again. Now, I realize only yesterday I wrote a blog about no excuses, and today, perhaps you will think I have changed my mind. Nope...this event that occurred is not one that has the possibility of an excuse, nor does it have a reason, it was an accident.
  At 5AM this morning, a mother was awakened by the police knocking on her door.She opened the door, without the opportunity of bracing herself, or likely even having her wits together. She was informed an accident had taken place. Her young daughter was involved in this accident. Her only child!!Remember people, this is a mother, a woman who has given birth to this child, and raised her, caring, and protecting her,loving her, no matter what faults the child has. If there is a parent out there, who claims their child has no faults, they lie!! Don't get me wrong, I do not know these people, however, because I am a Mother, I can put myself in this unbelievable place, and imagine her horror.
  This mother had no time to think, her child was so very seriously injured she was flown out to Vancouver. I have been informed of some of her injuries, and the heartache this mother is enduring, must be horrific. She is with her child, and likely her world has stopped. She is probably begging to medical staff, and her God to allow her child to survive. She is wishing she could take her child's place. She is suffering from the very core of her being. She is this child's Mother.
  Now, this story broke, and was posted on a news page I joined on Facebook. I saw the story, before hearing the news from a family friend. I clicked in, and was absolutely stunned! The first few comments were what I expected, prayers and thoughts, and hopes for a positive outcome. Then the others started. OMG! What have we as humans become?
  It appears someone claims this girl and the male driver stole the ATV they had the accident on. This may indeed be true, I don't know. Comments on KARMA, and how the owner had to pay the expense of towing the ATV after the accident, and how they were not wearing helmets, because they forgot to steal those. How this is a lesson!
  O.K. fact, I do not condone theft. I do believe we learn by mistakes, all throughout life. I certainly believe in Karma.
 However, if, in fact this ATV was stolen, somehow the owner will be made whole. In fact, right now, if this is a huge issue, I ask all those who know this child, and those like myself, who are disgusted with the mindset of those individuals who are so frigging high on their mighty moral horses, and who feel that a recreational vehicle is of utmost importance, donate $20 each, to buy this poor unfortunate victim of possible theft a new ATV!! Then that F*cking issue will be laid to rest.
  To ignore the pain and heartbreak of other parents, because much of this was written by those with children of their own, is beyond my understanding. To state that some how, because these young people made a terrible mistake, it was karma paying them back, is absolutely insane!!What did the Mother of this child do, to cause Karma to kick her in the gut, so hard, she broke? She certainly didn't "steal" the ATV.
  Karma is a word used too easily. If one actually researched the word, it is double sided. Those who feel the need to speak hurtful words in a time of suffering for others, had best keep an eye out for Karma. In my world, Karma is basically the same as the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.
  Sure I have had my own bout with Karma, and I sit patiently waiting for it to bite a few folks in the A$$, however, I simply wish for them to experience what they caused me to go through. To claim this horrible accident was Karma for taking an ATV without permission is crap. Maybe karma would be losing a bike, a car, some jewelry, but in no world would karma cause a young person to be so seriously injured they may not survive. This was no more than an accident. This was 2 young people, doing what so many others have done time and again, and never having to pay for the lesson with their life. I know that there are more than one, reading this who have gone on a joy ride, and walked away with no one the wiser. So, why on earth would karma suddenly decide this girl deserved to be seriously injured? Did the ATV belong to someone so special , they have karma's ear? I doubt that. Not a single comment came from the keyboard of the ATV owner, just those who feel his weekend fun is of greater value than a child's life.
  So, to those who feel the need to spew Karma will get you, in regards to a terrible accident, instead of imagining yourself in the world of this child's Mother, consider this..If, (heaven forbid, I am actually putting this down) in a few years, your child decides to do something stupid, and does not weigh out the possible dangers (like every single child I know has done), and has a terrible accident, and you as a parent are put into the place this Mother is now in, you won't be at all affected if others claim it's Karma?
  Perhaps one must experience real heartache, and pain and suffering to understand. I have had heartache, and I have suffered, but thankfully I have never experienced the pain of watching a child on the brink of death. I can only imagine those cruel remarks come from someone who has never experienced the pain and suffering of a loved one. I am not about to sic Karma on them, because I would never, ever wish what this Mother is going through on anyone! I just wish they would stop and consider...and possibly try to imagine, the unimaginable.