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Monday, 19 May 2014

Sick of Excuses

Maybe it is the generation gap? I know that when I was a child, one phrase I heard more often than anything else, was "there is no excuse". I messed up, well, I could take the time and try and figure out a whole amazing storyline to explain why I had f*cked up, and of course, why it was not my fault, however, I knew it was a total waste of time, because "there was no excuse". I used this phrase when my kids were growing up..failed a subject because homework was not handed in..."no excuse". I didn't care if the dog went on a rampage and ate said homework, or if a not so good friend packed it all up and burned it, roasting hot dogs...it wasn't handed in...no excuse. Why no excuse, simply because they were responsible for this , and they did not accomplish what they were required to do. Pretty basic. It worked in my life, when I screwed up, I knew there was going to be a consequence, and..I might as well just get it over and done with, because dragging it out, would only make the punishment that much worse.
  So, just the other day, I read a news story from a town just down the road. Apparently a couple of guys were accused of killing another guy. Court dragged out, as always for a couple of years, the dead man's family having to suffer his loss, and waiting for justice. Surprise, it seems the two accused had a drug problem..poor guys, and when the victim was stabbed and killed, they were under the influence. Oh, it seems that one of the accused only stabbed the victim after he was dead, so....he gets off scot free. The other guy gets some stupid sentence because the poor fellow has a problem and didn't know what he was doing....WTF!!!! Is the fact that someone is so frigging stoned, which in itself is criminal, an excuse for murder? Hey, I bet we all have someone we would like to kill at times, well...just go out and find yourself some hefty drugs, and do whatever it is that strikes your fancy..you now have an excuse for murder, or whatever...
  What has the world come to? Something that is a horrendous crime is somehow allowed because of extenuating circumstances, like illegal drug use? Everyone has an excuse, and the courts of law have accepted excuses. No one accepts my lame excuses..oops slept in, can't make it to work..fired...oops spent all my money at the casino, can't make a car payment...repo, oops bought a Louis Vitton purse, the mortgage will have to wait..homeless...oops can't pay my income tax,...garnisheed...Why are my excuses not accepted, cripes not really hurting anyone..definitely not killing them!
  Today I read about a woman who took care of peoples pets, dogs to be precise. Now, I know how I feel about my dogs, I have been told time and again by my children I treat them better than they were treated.This is likely true, because pets are easier to appease than children, and the rewards come far quicker, and cheaper...Our worlds revolve around our 4 legged friends. I imagine those in the cities have to pay dearly to have someone care for their pets when they work. People who take the time and effort to ensure their beloved dogs are supervised, and safe and content while they work, and hand these dogs over to the care of someone who they trust will treat them properly.
  Well, this woman made a serious mistake. She left 6 of these dogs in the canopy of her truck. Granted she claims she opened the side vents and left water..however, we will never know the truth. She left these dogs so long that all 6 of them died of heat exhaustion. Then she removed all 6 bodies, and found someplace of dispose of them. Now, I have had the sad experience of finding one of my pets dead, she was a large dog, lab sized. I had to dig a hole and bury this dog , by myself. It was unforgettable, she was very heavy, and I was heartbroken, it took me a very long time to finish that job, and that was one dog! This woman disposed of 6 , some as big as a lab. That took a great deal of thought and effort for one woman. Then..she lied, she told everyone someone had taken the dogs out of her truck. This lie continued for a week, with 6 families wondering who had their pets. The police were involved, and still she stuck with her dog thief story.
  Now we get to the truth, she confessed, but..along with the confession, comes the excuses. She is a single mom, with a lot of problems, she gets panic attacks, but stopped her medication, because it was affecting her adversely. She didn't mean for this to happen...Then the bleeding hearts come out..poor woman, she made a mistake..F*CK yes, she made a mistake!!! She killed 6 dogs, that suffered horribly, dying of heat. As I say, she claims she left water and open vents, well...with air blowing through, and sufficient water, how frigging long did she leave them that all 6 dogs perished? Again, folks, sorry...no excuse for this! It is just plain wrong, it is not really a simple mistake..it is a ginormous mistake, and...one there is no excuse for..this one decides the use the lack of drugs to excuse her crime.
  It is time to step back to the old ways. It is time to make people responsible for their own actions. There are no excuses beyond self preservation to cause the death of another human being, and the same goes for domestic animals.
  I know if I was the family of the stabbing victim, or the family of one of these dogs, I would not accept any excuses..because THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!!!