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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Computer Impaired

Morning all...Yep, it is morning, and I sit at the keyboard with the whole day ahead of me. I am in the midst of 5, count them, 5, whole days off. Oh, I earned them, worked 11 days in a row so I could still have a decent pay check, got that darn Hydro bill on it's way, and a new Hot Tub that is likely sucking the electricity (although it claims it will cost me $14 extra, Hah!). I have been spending far too much time "thinking". When I think, it is an attempt to figure out a way to make life better. The dessert tray was a bust, and now I am left wondering what I can do, to make me a happy camper each morning. I am reasonably happy this morning, no work, got my honey home on his days off, and no one has called wanting money , yet...But this will fizzle, as already I am counting days until I go back to work.
  Oh, I know, you all are thinking, why doesn't she simply get another job, it is clear she absolutely HATES this one. Not so simple as it sounds. We do not have a single Micky D's, 7-11, Tim Hortons, or Subway in our town. Why limit myself to this? Well, I took a huge chunk of my life to sit at home and raise my children. I certainly did not have the extra moola to take any sort of classes to upgrade, or get ready for the workforce, while ensuring my children got the basics of life. When they were grown up enough to be left on their own, I was left with a resume that was about 20 years old. How is this possible? Well, I had my first 2 children 10 years apart, so I was raising children for approx. 26 years, that's a very long time.
    A lot happened in those years, computers for one. I actually worked on a computer while in the Military back in the 70's, it was huge, and connected to another upstairs that was even bigger, I had to program it with punch cards, for every single entry. I remember the first time I sat down to a "modern"one, while working in the Chevron Town Panty, I simply had to enter fuel numbers into the thing in the back room, and send them off to Head office. Cripes, I was scared sh#tless, I was certain I would hit the one button that would empty everything off the machine, and each night I would enter that room sure I was going to cause my boss a huge headache, when I hit a button.
  I am a little better when it comes to computers now, and I mean just a little. I can check my e-mail, go onto FaceBook, go on here (although I still am not sure exactly what I am doing when I get the "share " button). It has taken me all this time to realize that Grace has a blogspot, although she joined my page long ago. I wonder, do all of my fellow Bloggers wonder if I am being rude? Please understand, I am just ignorant of the workings in these machines. I would be lost without my computer "fix". Life has become so very amazing with access to the whole world, but again, I am one of those old folks who have to ask someone else in the house how to do things beyond my limited scope. These days, I am often all alone, without that help, so, it is difficult. Now you know, I am a technologically impaired Blogger.
  Blogging is not the only thing I have difficulty with, I can't do Microsoft office, or any of those fancy doohickies, that always seem to be a requirement of a job with oomph. I am trapped in a world that allows me limited opportunities. Oh, sure, I could figure out some way to take a course so I could learn these things, but, again, I live in a town without a college, or anything resembling Post secondary education. I would have to travel elsewhere, and while I did that, I would be unemployed, hummm...Catch 22...Maybe there is something On-Line, that I could stumble onto? But, then again, even if I did learn this stuff, I am 56 years old, and living in a town that has no listings in the Job Bank for office workers that do not have social or company connections. It is clear, you will all just have to bear with this Blogger, as she slowly learns the hidden secrets of the computer, and moans continually about her Dead-end job.