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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Theory disproved

O.K. this will give someone a boost of smug satisfaction. I have to admit my Dessert tray theory, is wrong! So much for my Nobel Peace prize.... not happening. Cripes, it didn't even manage to make my day wonderful. Oh, it did make it nicer, like the cupcakes, and tarts, and sundry other goodies the morning waitress has been treating us to, but Dusty Bum made the attempt to give a selection of goodies, and I still have to admit, my day  sucked!Oh, I really hoped that treats would wipe the doom and gloom off my average work day, but, along with treats, came a long list of checkouts, and instantly the day goes down the toilet. Maybe it would have worked if I had received it at 3:55, oh for sure....that really is the one and only thing that makes my day wonderful, finishing it!!!I guess I must accept that the only solution to whisk the dark cloud away would be to win the mega lottery. I certainly would not be one of those idiots who tells the news camera they will not give up their job, just because they won a fortune, Hah!! I think I would actually donate enough to convince all my co-workers to walk away, as well. Now, don't hold me to this, I am only thinking....Lord love us, now I am worried that someone will copy my blog, when I win....I know, could happen, but..unless all the crap happening in my world, is just a build up to when I get this windfall, I don't hold out much hope, so the rest of you best not get too excited. However...in case one of you happens to win, I will certainly be reminding you that I extended the offer.
  I will say, one positive is the addition of bright shining faces to our housekeeping staff. I am blown away by the young girls who show up in the morning all chipper and ready to get to it. Was I ever like that? They are so nice, offering to lend a hand when they are finished, dancing in the hallways, polite and friendly to the guests, what on earth is wrong with them? I know, it takes time for the nasty, oily ,stinky coating of Bizarre to enfold these young people. I almost feel like warning them, but...that would likely make them scurry away, and leave us old, miserable, whiny biddies holding the bag yet again. I love the fact that, for a short while, we don't have to worry about killing ourselves. These girls actually leave the building walking straight, gosh, don't think I have ever managed that. I am jealous as well. They are young, and this job is just something to get them from point A to point B, it is not what they are working towards. Heads up girls, I can tell you that when I was young, and energetic, doing the various jobs between school and raising children, I had no clue that my point B was going to be this! Something went drastically wrong after point A! One thing you must ensure while on your journey, do not limit yourselves to a small town. Because one of these bright shiny faces is that of my youngest, she will not be allowed to stay longer than the summer, she will be driven out of town by her father and only allowed back for specified periods of time. I refuse to imagine any offspring of mine, finding this at the end of point B. You can be sure the wrinkled old crones are not looking for fresh replacements to suck the life out of, but fair warning, we were perky, happy, non wrinkled 20 year olds when we started at this job about 8 years ago....