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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Screwed, blued and tattooed

O.K. I figured this time I would give a smidgeon of information along with my blog. If you grew up in my time (apparently the stone age) you would have heard this expression often. I never questioned it, as although I was naive, I wasn't totally clueless, and knew it wasn't something good. I decided on this title, and as I wrote it, I wondered exactly how the term came about....so, here is the smidgeon.
  .The definition goes back to early machinists. After inspecting a finished manufactured or repaired part, the toolmaker/machinist would
1. tighten all parts and screws (screwed)
2. Use Blueing,a blue paint like stain that stuck easily to metal. (Blued), and
3. Put his inspectors mark through the blue paint with a sharp Scriber (Tattoed).
   Now enter into the Stone age (my time) Apparently the original saying was Screwed, Blewed, (not Blued) and Tattoed.
  Screwed, essentially means "Cheated", Blewed, meant "lost or robbed of", and Tattooed refers to a beating with very rapid blows, in the same sense as a Military Tattoo (a rapid drum beat).
  So, now you have a clear knowledge of this expression, and I doubt you could ever confuse me with a machinist, so, guess what the meaning behind my use is?
   Why is it, when you are royally screwed, you seem to be backed into a corner as well, and you have two choices, either accept the screwing quietly, have the knowledge that the fact occurred forever burned into your brain (a form of Tattoo?)and continue on with the acceptance that you will repeat this over and over, or....walk away with no recourse what so ever? Yep, sure, I know there are some out there who will say "Stand your ground!" "Be strong, right is might!" Hah!!!! I have been down this rocky road before, more than once, and in many directions, and maybe some of the potholes will get filled in a little, but, never, ever, does one reach a long stretch of paved road, that makes up for the bone jarring ride.
  I am not sure, is it because I am getting up in age, and feel I don't have time to waste on righting wrongs? For those who have had the energy to fight one of these battles, you know, the process is long and drawn out. You know that you lose a great deal along the way with the fight, friends disappear, whispers appear, social interactions become extremely uncomfortable. These "Screwings" also cost the" Screwee" financially, and trust me, I know from experience, if at the end of the battle the wrong is righted, the compensation comes no where near the cost of the road trip.
  So, I suppose, because I am old, and because I have only recently recovered from a severe Tattooing, I am simply going to have to bend over, and accept things quietly. One thing is for sure, each one of these experiences has left a scar. The scars never heal, and tend to itch like H-ll when instinct warns of another "Screwing" . and they are itching like crazy right now.
  I hope this tattoo isn't on my forehead, but, with my luck, that's exactly where it will be along with the great big " S", I already have!