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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Mushroom rooms

OMG!!!! I have just spent the last 2 days working on one room. I have washed every single wall in this suite, with bleach and water. I started doing that, to attempt to remove the scent from the "pisher" Bloody Mary, but as I went along, I realized, this went way beyond smells. I removed the bathroom vent, only to find furry mold. I am not a scientist, so...I presume it is again "not the bad mold". Getting a little leery of this, and think maybe there is some course out there I can take to identify good from bad?
  I have watched more than enough Holmes on Homes shows to know what mold is. I see them shut things down when they uncover that meandering black stuff. HazMat suits and masks are brought out, and no one is allowed to enter until all signs of this stuff are removed. Hummm...I wonder, how many types of mold are out there? Is there actually some that is "Not the bad stuff"?
   Hey, the reason I ask, is, once upon a time, I climbed a very high ladder, which I had to place inside a bath tub, in order to reach a ceiling with a sponge mop on an extension pole, to remove this trail of black off the bathroom ceiling and walls. I remember being told after I had removed it, that is "wasn't the bad mold". Huh?????I must have missed the inspection and did not receive those lab results.
   In my world, all mold is bad. If I am paying to spent any time in a room, I would hope that I do not have to breath through a respirator while I sleep, to ensure I do not get "good" mold spores in my lungs.
  Now, mold is pretty common, but...how many can say they have mushrooms growing on their walls? Yep!! This is certainly not the first time I have seen this abnormality.
  Those who know me, also know that generally mushrooms excite me. No, I am not into the magic ones, but, I do often spend my holidays searching the elusive Matsutake mushroom, and enjoy wandering about picking morel mushrooms. However.....I do not think that a mushroom growing on a wall in a hotel room, is something anyone wishes to purchase from me.
  This room has seen other mushrooms, it is so darn moist, it smells like a compost heap. More leaks have happened in this room than Wikileak. The drywall has been ripped and replaced countless times, but....nothing is really done besides replacing the drywall. Isn't it strange, each time we get rain, brown stuff begins to run down the walls, and the new drywall, becomes mush. Oooohhh....perhaps with the mush drywall and the fact that it is a room, we get Mush-room?????Hey, I just thought of that, my mind is amazing!!!
  Yes, housekeeping can easily spray this area with bleach, after removing the offending mushroom, however...I for one know, mushrooms can grow over night in the right conditions, and this room is perfect. It is dank, and dark, and very ,very moist, with rot to feed all types of Mycelium, Joe Blow could simply have his 8 hours of sleep in a mushroom less room, to wake in the morning and find a whole bouquet of them.
  I know Bleach is a wonderful thing, it is still the cheapest cleaner, and it does a variety of jobs. It will clean, even bad mold, but, unless the source of the mold is removed, and the problem fixed, it will continue to return. It will scrub any visible evidence of mushrooms away, as well, but....again, unless the rot is removed, my employer cannot lay" mushroom growing wall blame" on poor housekeeping.
  I am afraid that in my world, this room should simply be removed from the building, but...that will never happen. I bet you dollars to doughnuts, one day, very soon, myself and my co-workers will get to spend a day picking mushrooms and bleaching. This is the first time the thought of mushroom picking does not excite me in the least.