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Thursday, 17 May 2012


Still enjoying my days off, but figured I would hit the keys for a few minutes. Kind of addicted to spewing away on here, can you tell?
  Today I figured I would delve into the not so wonderful world of smells. I asked my friend the other day, why it is that not once do I enter a room or a building and say "mmmm, something smells wonderful!" O.K., once in awhile the kitchen has some good smells coming out of it, but generally there is something nasty floating about in the background.
  My nose has become extremely sensitive to stink as I age. I know, I have nasty habits, and apparently one of them is suppose to diminish my sense of smell. Thank goodness I have this habit, as something needs to cut the stink!  I have mentioned that the place I work is basically comprised of camp trailers, right? Well they are very, very old.Things that are old, usually dry up, and smell of dust, not here. They have soaked up decades of water, from the roof and the ground. Add a few plumbing issues, and you have smells upon smells. Oh, along with this, countless guests and pets, and cooking, it becomes overwhelming.
  When a person goes back after breathing fresh air, you are slammed. I spend the first few hours just sniffing and covering my nose. I still check my armpits and the bottom of my shoes, on occasion as the smells just seems to linger, and I start to think it must be me. We have discussed having a list, and writing down what particular rooms smell like, sewer, rot, pee, Parmesan cheese, vomit. .
  We have complained about smells, but apparently once a person reaches a certain level in organization, they lose their ability to smell. The smell of sewer seems to escape them. I have seen someone close a particular door, to attempt to keep the smell out, only to have another person get up 3-4 times to whip the door open. The rule is to walk slowly, so as not to cause a breeze, which causes the smell to hit you, like a ginormous fart.Ooops, there is another smell to add to the list, under the sheets farts.
  I personally can't imagine what a guest thinks as they turn their key only to have the heavy musty stink hit them as they walk into a place they are to spend days, perhaps weeks in. I have seen as many as 9 air fresheners in one room, in an attempt to cut the nasty smell, but it still lingers.
  Funny, the one room that never had a nasty smell is the one that a certain guest feels obligated to have her collection of pisshing freshners. She along with many other guests adds the smell of "Skunk" to the building. I am not a prude, remember I grew up in the 70's. The smell of Panama Red and Pachouli oil brings back memories of wonderful times. The smell of "Skunk" on the other hand takes me right back into the swamp, surrounded by stinking Skunk Cabbage.
  Now, as I stated, no prude, but I am behind the times..."is Skunk" the only pot available today?" I wonder, what is that stuff Mortician's use to mask the smell of their workplace? I am already dreading having my nostrils assaulted, and perhaps if I find a baggie of the "good stuff" that I can leave smouldering in a hidden spot, and dribble Patchouli oil down the hallway, my day will be spent smiling and breathing happily.It's an idea.....