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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Verbal diarrhea

More than once today, I was asked if I was going to blog. Well, some days, I just want to come home and forget work. It often ticks me off just a little too much, and I have to distance myself, or I may go off down the wrong road, and  off the deep end. Sadly, I am about to go off the deep end about things not really connected to work, but that have been driving me nuts. If you are looking for hotel stuff, today, this is not the place, but if you want to read some of my better rantings, sit back and lets go....
  First, I want to ask the mindless question, When did it become proper to bill someone to bill them? O.K. I know there are a ton of Green Peacers reading this, and I am aware I have you to thank for this insanity. The excuse they give me for the $2.00 tacked onto my already bizarre bill is apparently because I am getting paper!!! Hello!!! Now, what if I deducted $2.00 from those bills I pay on-line? Hey, I am saving paper there, right? Imagine the confusion if I attempted this, but, in truth, why can't I? Who in government gave companies the right to charge to bill? What about oldtimers who don't have computer access? I assume that each one of those folks must dish out an extra $2 or sometimes more, to pay their bills.Talk about Elder abuse. Folks getting dinged after 50 years of paying bills one way, simply because someone decided to save paper!
 What happens to all those $2.00's? Is there some huge fund somewhere that is planting trees? Come on, get real!!! I bet that all that money is in some sort of slush fund set aside for little perks, hey, it is free money, folks pay that to pay!! How stupid are Canadians? I say, Canadians because I hope no other country has seen fit to bill people for bills. I figure if you want a bill paid, you send it, you don't charge someone to let them know they owe you money. How about it, lets make a change in the system, start deducting $2.00 for a paperless payment!!!I just can't grasp the concept, and I don't understand how it was allowed.
  Now tonight, I experience yet another doozy. I must have forgot to pay one of those paperless bills, and the phone rings. An automated voice says "press one for English" being a social idiot, I did as I was told. Then another automated voice claims "we will be with you shortly" and music comes on....Hello!!! I am not about to sit listening to "Flight of the Bumblebees" until some person finds the time to actually speak to me and tells me I owe them money!!!
  How did we get a government that seems to think we should bend over and accept charges on top of charges? I have to speak about my Natural Gas bill. Now I know full well Natural Gas prices have gone down the toilet, I see it every single day on the Market report. Why then is my bill going higher and higher? I have so many charges above my usage, often my actual Gas use is lower than 1/2 the bill. I pay midstream, I pay delivery, I pay some stupid franchise fee to the town I live in, and I pay a basic fee!! WTF!!!!
   I see these fees appearing on absolutely everything I get, my Hydro...HOLA, there is a winner! I live in a town with 2 bloody great Dams sucking the river outside my door up and spitting it out whenever they want. There are folks who have lost family farms, displaced Aboriginal groups, etc. all so that we can have Hydro. Now, the question that I have to ask is...why do we not have some sort of special rate? Hey, this is the area that has been affected, folks on Vancouver Island continue to receive lower  utility rates because someone was smart enough to bargain for this way back in the day, but not us idiots. We sit back, knowing full well that Hydro and our government will soon stick yet another Dam in our area, flooding out even more family farms, flooding out our highway, causing all kinds of changes to our community, and now I have to listen to psycho babble on TV telling me that as a Hydro user, I am going to have to accept higher rates..HUH???Why on earth would I do that? The darn thing is going to mess up my life, perhaps mess up the bank of the river my home sits on, and I should happily dig deeper so I can pay more to have my lights on. Hydro doesn't even pay their share of the blasted property taxes in our area, they get a special deal, where is mine???I see the waste of Hydro money, folks coming in from Texas to work as contractors, every single thing Hydro does now, is contracted, what exactly does Hydro do? They have to haul folks in when the power goes out in our town, even with Dams all about, makes no sense. I see money spent all about with stupid stuff, flowers for wives when husbands work Overtime!! Hello!!! Those husbands are getting money for that work, why do the wives get flowers? Every morning larges clumps of vehicles all drive out to the same place, why don't they conserve and have a bus?  So, excuse me if I get ticked when I am told I am going to have to pay more for my power. Cut out the flowers and special housing grants, and Christmas parties at the lodge, live like the rest of us, and if you still need more money, let the people of this province see your budget, and where all the money went last year, and maybe we can help you tighten your belt. I am so sick of tightening mine!!!
  Whoa...I just might have gone too far this time, but, some stuff just has to spew forth so I can lighten my burden. Now I don't really feel better, as I will still have to pay my bills, and the only thing that can possibly make it better would be to win the lottery, and then pack ourselves off to some exotic place, where we don't need lights or gas. Could happen.......