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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Open the Bloody Book!!

So, last night, in a moment of boredom, I popped into a page to see what Political news was happening back in the old home town. Hey, it's a free world, it's an open group, so...in I go. Welllll..instantly I was caught off guard. It seems one of the local voices, was up in my area. Imagine my shock to read his opinion on the events occurring in my backyard. Good to know he feels he has the expertise, and right to his opinion on happenings that don't freaking impact him...oh, my mistake, they will impact him, but, of course, he doesn't see that.
  He goes on about how the neighbouring town to me is such a forward looking community. How their Mayor has managed to ensure that town will get a legacy in regards to Site C. Geez, this is wonderful! Well, Mr. know it all from reading a single newspaper article..that town will not have to deal with any fall-out once the dam is built. Oh, they will certainly be getting a nice handfull of cash for 70 years afterwards, but,lets give you a nice little analogy, here, and maybe, just maybe, you will see beyond the book's cover.
  Your town needs a septic pond. Those in power, decide your backyard is the perfect area for this septic pond. Your neighbours are going to be bothered by the dust and traffic during the construction, and perhaps the smell might drift their way. Ahhh. those in power decide to mitigate this annoyance, and tell all those around your home they will get a nice little pile of money every year while that pond is doing it's job in your backyard. There are quite a few neighbours, and that is quite a bit of money to appease them. Now you, well, it's too bad your property is the perfect spot, but, you only have one house, and your neighbours are O.K. with the payment plan, so..suck it up buttercup!! The pond is for the good of many, and you will just have to learn to live with the loss of your backyard, and the stink that will surround you every day. There isn't much money left, after paying your neighbours, so we'll throw you a couple of bucks, and shut up!! So, now you are stuck, any complaints you have, are smothered, because your neighbours are happy with the money they will get, once the pond is in, the dust and traffic will end, but the money will continue. They don't give a crap about your whining.
  So, lets see, one community forward looking to a project that will only affect them for the short term, surrounding communities, which have a larger population, get more of the Legacy pie, their housing markets will rise, money will flow into them, and someone writes how happy they are, so the project becomes acceptable in your eyes. You feel the urge to let others hear your side of the story, even though you have simply read the cover. You have not taken the time to check out the backyard that has been chosen. You simply see the shiny parts, and, apparently feel you have the right to your opinion on matters that affect those living in my community. I, however, did not have the right to voice my opinion on events, in yours.
  Well, you are the cause of our journey on this road of destruction. You, like so many others, refuse to read past the cover. Open the frigging book!! Every single story has some sad parts to it. Reality is not all peaches and cream. There are always losers, because, for a winner, there must be competition. Oh, that's right, the bad guys always lose. Open the book, trust me, good guys do not always win. Fact of the matter, now, numbers win. Large populations over-ride small communities.
  So, I accept, I have no right to give you my opinion on the future of your community. I stepped away. I had simply attempted to give you the heads up, based on experience. You can certainly refuse to listen, and again, I made a decision to let you dig your own dirty, filthy hole.  But...when I see you are selling the septic pond that is going into my backyard, as something positive, I feel free to step up and tell you that the truth is, it stinks to high heaven, and our neighbours got enough to ensure we have to suck it up!!
  You will be sucking up your fair share, soon enough, and your neighbours are certainly going to remember what you decided was inside the book cover. Better hope the bad guys don't win, because some things smell worse than a septic pond!
  BTW..just as an off shoot. Our whole area is under the PRRD, this is something fairly new. I remember when it first started, and how all communities were told, if they didn't join, they would not have certain rights. We joined. So,now our community, because it is small.....is often overlooked when larger places can benefit at our loss. Site C mitigated with the PRRD and...we were totally screwed, but..that forward looking neighbouring community, well, they got a nice piece of the pie.
  Start reading the bloody book!!