Favourite Books

  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Turning A Blind Eye

   I know..I am a tad fixated on Animal Farm..and right beside that To Kill A Mockingbird. Both those books reverberate in my world on a constant basis. Daily something occurs that reminds me of how very little we have traveled as Human Beings, in my lifetime.
  Oh, I know...technology has made massive strides, some amazing, some, well..myself personally, I feel they have simply added to creating a world of introverts, and that is NOT a good thing.But, socially, we are still stuck very much in the same ruts as those back in Harper Lee's childhood.
  I have admitted to being a pretty rampant introvert, but...as proven here, definitely not a complete introvert. I DO care about others. Oh, I have perhaps gotten just a little colder in recent times, but, as a mother and grandmother, I have been genetically altered, therefore, I care.
  Along the line of Site C, (which for the past few years has taken up far too much of my time, and my peace of mind) I am astounded at what I encounter. Like so many of my previous blogs, I cannot fathom why every person in this province, indeed, in this country, is not screaming their bloody heads off. Am I one of the few who see the wrong that is happening over and over?
  The hatred, and venom directed at the Treaty 8 First Nations, and the farmers of the Peace River valley, is massive, and...ignorant. How can so many citizens, with what most claim high levels of education (unlike oilpatch workers) be so freaking blind? Is this what education does to a person? I think not!! These people may indeed have spent time in school, but they didn't learn a damn thing! They might know how to calculate wind speed, or chart their way home from a neighbouring bar, but they are dumb as sticks, when it comes to what truly is important to those of us living in Canada. They are totally oblivious to what allows them to spew hatred, they fail to understand Human rights. Likely the very same group of folks shoving down our throats the latest feel good group rage..welcome the refugees. REALLY???? Why the H-ll should we bend over and kiss religious butts, and change everything around to suit folks from another country and culture, when we have such an easy time to turn a blind eye to those who deserve consideration and at the very least..the very least, the ability to have promises kept? Millions of Canadians sitting at home telling all the rest of us, we are racists, because we don't want to open the doors wide, and let a whole new population plop themselves down in a filthy mess, and try to make life all nice and shiny for them.
  Nope...see, that is childish, little kids do this all the time, and parents get mad. You cannot continue to throw out the old, without paying the price, and signing credit for new. Syria is golden, those people are running for their lives..HELLOOOO...Right now those who allowed us to have this land as our homeland, they are running out of places to have a life!
  Our "newly" elected leader, oh my, he really ran a good campaign. Promises all about, one really big one, one that even I thought he might follow through with, "It is time for a renewed, nation-to-nation relationship with First Nations peoples, one that understands that the constitutionally guaranteed rights of First Nations in Canada are not an inconvenience but rather a sacred obligation," said Trudeau to loud applause from First Nations chiefs this morning.
  Yep, those were his words..but, I am beginning to think, he was just talking about "some" First Nations, maybe those in the East, or maybe those close to big cities? He certainly has shown no move to deal with a provincial government bulldozing through the constitutional rights of Treaty 8 people. They have been hollering at him since he stepped into his position of power, but...besides a blind eye, he seems to have deaf ears.
  Do people not understand? Can they not see? The governments continual slap in the face to those who stand beside promises made, is the beginning of the end. To sit back and laugh, and joke as the rights of one group, are ignored, and even beyond ignored, twisted, and abused, is tantamount to throwing all rights out the window. Why would anyone think their rights are sacred? First Nations, Farmers, homeowners, business people, which of these have rights they feel government will acknowledge? Why would one right be worth keeping, and another worthless? These are people making the decisions, people just like you and I. They are not Gods, they are not superheros, they are not powerful, they are just plain old folks who had enough time, money and connections, to rise up in government. They go bald, they get fat, they eat and drink, and lie and steal, and...for some unknown reason, those paying their wages appear to condone every screw up they make, and we allow them to change rules when they feel it suits them.
  Take heed! They are changing the rules all the time, and one day, they are going to change a rule that affects each and every citizen of this province, no matter race, creed or colour. Turn a blind eye now, make your nasty evil racist remarks (because in your world racism is what you chose) and let the rights of Treaty 8 go down the toilet. When your leaders see how easily they were able to do that, how the people of the province sat back quietly because they were convinced it was for the betterment of the majority (silly sheep)....be sure they will continue flushing