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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

White People

O.K. simmer down...I'm allowed..I AM white! I can say whatever my bloody little heart wants to, on this subject, because, again..I AM this subject!
  Now, I accept all the other races with their stories of discrimination. I am not an idiot, I know this sh*t happens. But...why does the world believe that this one race, the one I happen to belong to, does not suffer discrimination. Or..perhaps they know damn well we do, but they figure we deserve it, because of the past history. Really? Would people who suffered this, actually approve of others suffering?
  Why in the the world would one race feel it is fine and dandy to focus on faults of another (in truth another generation long passed) and allow them to be singled out and expected to sit silently while everyone else insults them?
  I know, there are large groups of my race that are total idiots, but..hey..I see a sh*t load of "African Americans" (a term I find difficult to agree with), and Aboriginals, and Orientals, who are just as idiotic. Is it acceptable for the other races to be racist? Only those with less pigmentation have to continue to pay for mistakes made by those who came before them? It's alright for anyone else to keep themselves separate , and close doors to anyone outside their race. Honest to goodness, Political correctness is F*CKED!! It can't be correct if it isn't equal. Hey, it goes beyond races, it goes sexual as well. Gentleman clubs had to open their doors to ladies..can't segregate..women are equal..Hah! However it appears to be O.K. to have Women's groups, with doors closed to men? Again, is this just not wrong?
  I am continually confused! I believe in equality, I don't care what colour, or non colour a person is! I don't care if they are male, female, transgender..whatever...they are people..and that is all that should matter! I realize the time I have spent walking this earth, is probably one of the most explosive equal right times, ever. So much has happened for the good, in my time. But..truthfully, so much bad has happened as well.
  White people have been singled out, to be the root of all trouble, and they (well at least I) have had to sit quietly while others lump me into a category they feel all folks born with skin lily white deserve. I am suppose to accept "white people, this, white people that", because...why? I am suppose to accept rights and benefits handed to some, simply because they deserve it, but..oh. no..I'm white, therefore I must stand alone.
  Those who know me, know damn well, I stand for the rights of those who deserve promises kept, and those who deserve apologies, long past due. I believe the wrongs from long ago, must be addressed, and fixed. But...as a "White Person" it is not my fault! I have no control, just as others have no control over their birth parents.
  Until the world stops placing the blame for every racist issue on the doorstep of White People, and looks around to see they are simply following the same pathway, segregating themselves, making them appear "better" because of who their genetic DNA donators were,they are simply continuing discrimination.
  Hey, I am proud of my ancestors..I go way back to the Normans on both sides, people who endured hardships. My roots are deep on Scottish soil, and I don't back down easily from a battle. Yes, I am a mouth piece, but..when it comes to what I call reverse discrimination, although it hurts to the bone, I will not fight.
  The battle of racism and discrimination will only end, when we become colour blind..all of us!! The end will arrive when we accept we are all just PEOPLE. The end will arrive when the wrongs from the past are righted, but that is not something an individual can do. Governments are no longer filled with only WHITE people, there are all races in power, some of whom are there simply because of their race (again not the answer). Those people are the ones that need to address the past and fix the future. I can't do diddly!!
  So, I accept, I have ensured my skin is thick (colourless, but thick). I will continue to quietly accept that the world feels all the problems with racism lie with me..But, all along I will hold out hope that one day, the world wakes up..and there is just one category...PEOPLE!