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Monday, 14 March 2016

Just A Little Prick

O.K. Sounds pretty interesting, eh?Sorry to disappoint. This is not about #Porn..Oh, maybe one day, when you least expect it, I will sit down, and get dirty..but, not today. Actually, that is pretty unlikely. but..Hey, could happen..just like winning the lotto, could happen.
  Nope, today the prick I am going to rant about, comes with a needle. I just read about an epidemic of measles happening here in my province. This isn't the first time a childhood disease has popped up its ancient head, to give killing kids another try. BTW..I started elementary school in 1962, so the MMR vaccine came out the first year I headed to school. I don't remember getting a needle in Grade one, I do remember getting an extremely tasty tiny paper cuplet of red stuff to suck back, and also remember not being the only kid who really wanted another cuplet (it was damn tasty). That appears to be what saved me from polio..and I am ever so grateful!
  I carry the scar of what I assume to be a small pox immunization at the top of one arm (my friends Mom actually insisted my friend's scar be placed on her foot, so as not to disfigure her lovely arm???)Hey, mine went exactly where most of the rest of the country had theirs. I am thankful I got this immunization, because..I knew people who had suffered the ravages of Polio. Not a well known disease now, but back in the 60's we knew about those poor kids who spent years in iron lungs, and wore horrid metal braces because limbs were affected.Again, not something one sees, unless they Google, but I remember! Never saw the result of small pox, but I imagine a disease with a nursery rhyme about people all falling down (ring around the Rosey) was not a pleasant experience.
  I remember suffering Rubella at 22 years old. In layman's terms, German Measles. It was incredibly painful, and I was flat in the bed for days, while going through basic training in the military. I actually thought I had got sunburned through my pantyhose, because I was completely covered in tiny red marks. But..thankfully I didn't die, because..I had been immunized, so whatever I suffered was not the full meal deal. I had chicken pox, still carry the scars from scratching, but...my Mom had got my vaccination, so..I didn't die.
 Get the jest of what I am trying to say? If not..it is the fact that I didn't die!
Hey...I don't trust Doctors as far as I can throw them..well, maybe not so much Doctors, but the big pharmacy companies that are trying to make fortune after fortune, on medication. The 60's has the nasty Thalidomide black mark, and apparently I was damn close to having my Mom take that "morning sickness" cure, that left many of my friends missing limbs, or with disfigured limbs. So...yep, I have doubts...But, as someone who stood in alphabetical order while in the military, getting injection after injection, for things I have absolutely no clue about (basically guinea pigs, bet you didn't know this?), I have survived.
  I remember having to ensure all 3 of my children had immunization records up to date, before they entered school. Why? Because they were about to begin years of spending hours among many other children, so to try and assure horrible diseases did not break out and kill classrooms full of their friends, they followed the single possible saving grace, and got their shots. Sure, they got a sh*t load of things, measles, scarlet fever (yep..one of my kids had that unheard of disease, and that was not a walk in the park!) chicken pox..but...surprise..they didn't die! If there had been a freaking lice vaccination, I would have signed them up for that, as well.
  Somewhere along the line, some folks decided these vaccinations were to blame for all sorts of other issues with their children. Then somehow NOT having their children immunized, became their right. Along with this, the big doors of the world have opened wide. International travel is no longer reserved for the rare few, folks are flying around the world and visiting all sorts of places.
  O.K. maybe I am #"Old-fashioned", but many of these places have all sorts of germs and parasites that have never seen the green green grass of "home". They exist in conditions that have harboured them forever, and..yep....children die from them! Not every country offers vaccinations, so, when these diseases rear their heads, they get the full blown effects. I have never seen a person with leprosy, but they abound elsewhere. I certainly would not want to get a note home from school stating " last week we had a bout of lice in the school..this week we are informing you "Little Johnny was found to have contracted Leprosy.. Please keep an eye on your child, and if they appear to have any symptoms, please keep them at home." Because..I am sure not a single one of their needles had diddly to do with this foreign disease. But...since I am not a Doctor, nor a scientist, I have no clue how far fetched this imagined possibility is, I simply used leprosy, because..I wanted to.
 So, claims vaccinations cause autism, MS etc, well, because I have not studied up much on these matters, I can't say what basis they have. However, as one who was pricked by every possible vaccination out there, and one who ensured their children also followed the rules, and one whose children, ensure their children have all their shots up to date...I can say none have died as a result of childhood disease. That tidbit of information (fact) is enough for me. Not one of my friends died, in fact no one I know has died from a vaccination, or measles, or mumps, or whooping cough..therefore..immunization is a good thing!
  I believe if one decides they are NOT going to immunize their children, then they come up with some form of raising their child around only others who feel the same way. We have "french schools" which are a parental choice, why not non-immunized schools? I don't think the right to decide whether to throw a child with no defense against childhood diseases that can kill, into a classroom of others who follow what, until very recently was the rule, is fair! I believe not immunizing your child, is basically no different than refusing a blood transfusion to save that child. But...prickly as that may sound, it is my personal opinion..which is..yep...my right!!
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