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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Back Tracking

Holy Crapola!! Just clicked in to check out my stats and such, and see that I have about 102 drafts, just sitting there. Those are 102 attempts to put whatever rant was stewing in my head, down to share..without finding a way to finish. Oh, I know some of them, they will have 2 or 3 sentences, those suckers will head off into limbo. But I know I have an awful lot that, I either couldn't finish, or finished and was just a tad leery about sharing. I am not sure, have you noticed sometimes I go just a wee bit off the deep end?
  I am also all excited..hey, it doesn't take much when you live a steadfast boring life...I broke down, and decided to join the advertising world. I'm not only excited, I am curious. Is someone going to click into my little old blog, someone who works for Google? Hola!! Sh*t, now I am scared..I imagine some poor soul having to struggle through blog after blog, attempting to figure out what sort of advertising is suitable for the subject matter. Hah! Perhaps cleaning products? Maybe Duct Tape? Maybe books on how to shut one's mouth at inopportune times? I am totally clueless as to how this works, but..there was that small print that appeared to offer some sort of monetary reward, and...clearly I am heading towards retirement, so..money is irresistible.
  I still read the Birdman blog, he started me off on this amazing thrill ride, and I will be forever grateful. He is way beyond me! Chances are, either he has a sh*tload more friends (which doesn't take much) or he is far more Technologically savvy (also doesn't take much). He stepped into the advertising long ago, and..it didn't make a lick of difference to me as a reader, so...don't worry, things won't change much. He also has a Kahgillion more readers, and far more zeros in his hit stats..but, he offers small time bloggers like me, incentive.
  Blogging has been a gift to me. Oh, it probably has been a gift to those who know, and must deal with me, as well. I used to screech and holler about all the garbage stuffed in my head, to whoever happened to be close enough and cornered long enough to spew to. Usually it was my poor Honey,he still gets bits and pieces, but, I try very hard to vent at the keyboard, I really need those who still care about me to stick around....I have even suggested to others to give it a try, but...so far they are still trying to corner unsuspecting folks to let off steam.I was chatting to someone just the other day, who was going through a bad patch. She was saying how she found a wonderful councilor, one who would actually listen..well, I told her that my Blog was my personal councilor, and I was able to say everything, with no interruptions, so..fact is, sitting here putting it out to the world has done wonders for my well-being.
  Hey, maybe most folks don't like to throw open their closet doors, and let the skeletons see the light. I don't care! I have no issues, and very few secrets, that I need to keep hidden. Oh, no fears, other people's secrets, they are safe...those are kept under lock and key, they don't belong to me. But, sometimes, I feel the need to let the world in on who I am, because I don't need folks assuming they know what I am all about. O.K. they assume I am a mouthy b*tch..fine..that has been proven. They assume I will state personal opinions, with no censoring..also proven. They assume I don't like people very much..yet another fact! They assume I don't care what anyone thinks of me..gosh..right again!
  However to see that I have so very many blogs sitting in drafts, I am going to have to do some back tracking. I am going to have to check into all of these little blurbs (and it appears some not so little) and find out why I didn't post them. Did I have some momentary whiff of care and concern? Perhaps the timing was not quite right when I wrote them? Perhaps the timing is now right?
  Clearly, each and everyone of those blogs were done when something either pissed me off, or maybe..made me really happy (yeah, I know doubtful). So, since I am about to embark to a new level with my travels on the world wide web..I am going to have to check out all those little treasures, and see if any of them are ready to polish up, and click the button on!