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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Friday, 11 March 2016

It Is What It Is

Oh my goodness..how many times have we heard this saying? Hey, I use it almost as much as I use Hey! Actually #"Hello" and "Hey", can pretty much cover every aspect of my day, add #"it is what it is", and the whole damn thing is condensed into these few words. All it takes is a different emphasis..Hah! Bet that's a word you seldom speak, but use all the time.Love emphasis!
  I remember growing up, having only the CBC radio as media entertainment. Even as a child, I grew to despise those voices that were totally void of emphasis..completely monotone. You know what I am talking about...I enjoy emphasising, and as I said, can get any message across by using one word.Makes one wonder, wtf do I ramble on so much,LOL. Trust me, it isn't because I enjoy hearing myself, because I realize the more I speak, much like the more I write, things become more confusing. I also have issues with #tangents,  I go off on them constantly. I don't see them coming, poof..away I go..Funny, I personally enjoy tangents..they appear right out of left field, I honestly am just as amazed as those who must just sit there reading, wondering...how the h-ll did she manage to get here, when she started off in another world. Tangents are often the ruin of my arguments, I begin with total assurance I know what I want to say, and then...I am going on about something that ticked me off 15 years ago..apparently that particular issue decided it needed to pop in, and be dealt with. Again..no control.
  So, even though I have a serious lack of control with words..whatever possessed me to imagine, I should sit down on almost a daily basis, and share my disorganized world? Hah! That answer is precisely why I started this particular blog..and..again, before I even got to what was the basis, here I am on tangents.
 Anyhow...I got here because someone I knew decided to hit the blog years ago. I enjoyed reading his, and imagined how much fun it would be to have something, no matter how small, to fill the empty spaces in my world. I(no doubt) have tons of crap that perhaps should stay where it is, but, again, there is so very much, and it becomes confusing, so..I hope putting it out here, frees up a wee bit, for future useless information.We'll see how that works.
 So my fellow blogger, well, he used to live out east, where the center of our Canadian Universe is..no not Quebec, but close...Now he has returned to the same town as me. I realized we are so very different. He loves the place..I absolutely HATE it. He finds all sorts of fun social activities , I hate people, therefore, very little fun in my world.
  I wonder if it is because he is so much younger? He has children, and he has friends from his single days..So..maybe that is why our perspectives are total opposites. Hey..don't get me wrong, I can see how he could love what I hate..cripes, almost everyone I know and love, believes Sushi is the greatest meal ever to hit a plate..I freaking HATE it! This guy is nice, and..no matter how often I give nice a thought, I just cannot be bothered..Therein, lies our difference.
  So...now that I am back on the original thought process, I suppose what I set out to say is, "It is what it is", but what it is, is different for each of us. Hello!!