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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

#Trump This

OMG!!!Where is George Orwell? I do it to myself, I know..but I just can't stop. I just finished reading some article on the punching of one guy during a Trump Rally, and how some Cops are in poopy Kaka. Honestly...I am scared to death!!
  I know, I don't live in the United States, however, they are just a short drive away, plus...I got some pretty amazing friends that do live there, and again, scared sh*tless! What is the world coming to? Somehow we have sashayed around discrimination and racism, but..clearly instead of making any leeway at all, it has all been blown to smithereens. We are screwed! The septic tank called political correctness, has overflowed, and it is going to be next to impossible to clean the sh*t up!!
 I am watching what is happening in America with eyes wide open. I am aware folks here in Canada think the lunacy hasn't crossed the border, but they're wrong. The sewage of political correctness is alive and thriving here in our home and Native land.
  Am I the only one who sees this side of things? I knew we were in the toilet during the election when all I heard was "we need change". Well, we got it, and so far it has been absolute insanity, and whatever that twit thinks he is doing, stating he is a feminist, Native rights supporter, Gay rights supporter, Clean air supporter, and..most glaringly a supporter of Syrian refugees, is ripping away what little gains we have made in the way of equality for all. Justin is not treating anyone equally, and everyone is getting pissed. They are ordered they must accept their hard earned tax dollars will be spent willy nilly all about the world, saving other countries, meanwhile at home, it is becoming next to impossible to earn those tax dollars..but..concentrate on the politically correct trend of the moment..let everything else struggle along. Come on..don't tell me you haven't caught a glimpse of this? Those folks who either live in their parents basements, while they go to university on Daddy's dime, or those who don't have to work their butts off to make ends meet, they are the shining correct folks out there, following along behind their Prince of Trudumb.Like him, they think the rest of the world is living high on the hog..not a clue about reality. Those fighting tooth and nail to survive, are getting really pissed, because apparently they are either dumb rednecks to question what is happening...or....and this is the big one, the one that is going to bite the American A$$, they are racists.
  Just from my perspective, and that is the only one I can give freely...those of us who are pissed, are NOT all rednecks (I imagine there are a few in the mix) and we are NOT all racists (again, probably some of those, as well) we are simply worker bees, we don't have it all, and we don't have absolutely nothing but a government cheque. We are the disappearing class in North America. We are what is left of the #Middle Class. Oh, I am sure a whack of you out there feel you are Middle class, and..perhaps you are, sort of, but you are at the very least Upper Middle class. You don't always enjoy the finer things, but..hey..you treat yourself on a regular basis..you do not have to struggle to pay your taxes, and make a living.
  The absolute horror one sees with #Donald Trump,winning..yes..a total pig, with no clue what reality is, somehow is getting far too close to the ultimate American golden ring. How the hell did this happen? It is happening because (In my opinion) people are fed up with being told they must accept that it is now politically correct to see some treated with what goes beyond equality. People are fed up with the constant use of the term racist when they question anything. People are tired of being told they must buckle down and pay more for those who don't work.
  In truth, (my opinion again) the middle class is splintering, because they don't see a solution to what is causing them to disappear. They have been taxed to death, worked to death, and are only inches away from the welfare line...but they continue working.
  Like our country thinking somehow voting in an absolute twit, with nice hair and a love of selfies, was going to prop the middle class up (hey..he made some promises to this class, but has appeared to renege on all of them), The Donald, found a way to embrace the dying middle class, and he flaunts the total lack of political correctness that somehow appeals to them. Hey..it is not just one race that has fallen into his spell..but..for the most part..it is middle class America. Like a huge section of Canadians, these people are so very desperate for change, that they are not thinking with their brains..they are just pi$$ed, and they are going to end all of the crap that has brought them to this difficult place.
  Hey..STOP..take a look at the fine mess we are in, DON"T DO IT!!! You, and all the rest of the world, including your next door neighbour, will be in a far bigger mess than we already are. He is offering you change, but..please for the love of God, and Peace, and humanity...although we are way too politically correct right now..it is far better than absolute nothing correct!
                                                              “Desperation does not breed empathy or clear thinking.”
Joseph Fink, Welcome to Night Vale