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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Crusty Clark Enema ofThe People

Saw this somewhere today, and thought it was extremely fitting. Nope...this is NOT going to be about the recent court case,although that was such a horrible farce, and somehow acceptable to the people of this province..so I just can't even comprehend this event quite yet.
  What I am going to go on about, is, (honestly people, either I am the world's biggest fool, or the rest of this province have no eyes or ears).... why Site C?
  Not unlike the nasty hateful comments spewed out against those in the oil patch, recently, following along the past few years with the disaster they call Site C, has shown me how very evil people are, and proven once and for all, racism is alive and thriving.Sadly, this project is NOT a First Nations issue, it is an issue that transcends race, it is a multicultural nightmare, but...leave it to government to paint it red,black and white, and coat it with some native firestarter, so that focus is aimed on aboriginals. Hey, what better way to incite hate? How easy to ensure every redneck in the province decides it's a good thing, because all of those lazy reserve people are against it? Lets just fill up the "get a job, get a life" mantra screaming idiots, so no one actually clues in to reality.Look at those damn Natives, stopping industry so we lose out on jobs...Yep, that comment is made over and over...Time to pay your own way..we don't owe you anything..this is NOT your land..blah,blah,f*cking blah...Yep, those spin doctors did an awesome job..throw the Natives under the bus, and let those big mouth city folk figure they are losing out on lucrative jobs, so they help push this insanity through. No need to answer the tough questions, because everyone is busy hating, not looking past the possibility of catching a buck or two...
  Stupid sheep!! First off, the First Nations have total rights to protest! As do each and every sane person (or insane) in this province. Truthfully anyone who wants to keep our province out of the toilet, should be screaming their bloody heads off. Site C is NOT needed presently, nor will it be needed when Crusty figures she will manage to have it finished. Nor will it be needed long after that! In fact, it is likely it will NEVER be needed.
  What our government is doing, is gambling, and not just penny ante, they are going in with everything on the table. Every dime you could possibly pay in tax dollars is being placed in this one slot. So...give your head a shake, can you, can we, really afford to blow all of this? Because a sh*tload of research has led more than one brilliant person to claim, this is NOT going to work out favourably. This is going to cost more than it promises to give, hummm..would you purchase something that will incur continual expense without providing something desperately needed? Probably not, unless of course you come into a ton of money that you didn't have to work for, that doesn't really belong to you, but, you get to spend it.
  JOBS....Well, my belief is, that is what this is all about. It is simply one more "make work" project our government has come up with. She is going to shine handing out contracts worth mega millions to all sorts of "friends". It is likely she made a whack of promises when her predecessor pushed the green light on this mistake. Hell...likely Gordo filled a few pockets before he went off to his reward "job". That is what this is all about! That is Crusty's golden ring, she has hung up above this sh*t pile, give those contracts, make those jobs for all those folks who live far enough away from the affected area, that she doesn't have to worry they may not want Site C. Really Sheep.do you think locals will be placed in an area that they may decide this is going to screw up something awful? Maybe they are all gungho presently, but..facts are, in time, there is no doubt every single person living in this area will come to realize this is F*CKED! So..best not to even consider those living close by, best get workers from far enough away, that don't, and won't give a Rat's A$$ about the Peace.
  Promises made at the beginning of this project, basically small promises, have dissolved. Every day, agreements that were made are changed, of course there are reasons(excuses) for all these changes, and cripes..it's just starting!! For F*CK'S sake, open your eyes!! Forget your racism, forget that slim to none chance you will make your fortune on the last mega Dam project, do some research...Because, unless this is stopped, only the very wealthy will have the ability to access this "affordable Hydro" that will one day have an unbelievable price tag attached to it!
  Ol' Enema Crusty is at this very moment, dunking each and every tax payer in her province into the ginormus pile of sh*t she is building...and for some reason the majority of these people are just plugging their noses and smiling...Sh*t Eatting grins might be O.K. when they are figurative, but not so great when they are literal!