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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Pain Medication

  First off..not that it makes a lick of difference..I don't smoke pot! I don't smoke pot, I don't snort coke, I don't take over or under the counter medication on any sort of regular basis. The last medication I had was some sort of antibiotic...I am lucky!! I can get through my days with the odd Aleve, and application of Voltaren. Medication scares me..I have enough "addictions" to deal with, without taking a gamble and adding more. I spend most days with some degree of pain, because I am old, and I did abuse my knees and such throughout the years, but, 95% of the time, it is bearable. I think in the back of my mind, I know what is bearable today, will become increasingly worse, and when that happens, I figure I have a clean slate for pain medication. I can start off with the simple stuff, and maybe by the time I hit the heavy stuff, I will be really old, and not care? Hey..that's just the way my mind works...
  However..I do know folks who need some serious pain relievers, and, as far as I am concerned, I figure they should be able to inject, swallow, stick up their bums, whatever it takes to give them some comfort. If someone is suffering, and something out there can help..just let them have it!! Does it matter if it is Acid, morphine, heroin, ludes, opium, whatever? Not in my mind!
  So, when I read this little blurb about a drug bust, and how they found a bunch of syringes filled with Phoenix tears, I was flabbergasted. See, I know what Phoenix Tears is all about. In fact..I know someone who used this, and is still with us today, probably because of it. Yeah..sure..it's not legal...I have no clue why someone who is dying is not allowed to attempt any and all possible cures. If you had a loved one who was informed they had no chance of survival, and heard someone else had been cured by eating only apples off a certain tree, that had a great big fence around it, and signs saying no trespassing..and the people who owned the tree refused to give you an apple..would you break the law and attempt to get one? Without a doubt you would! Phoenix tears are no different. It's illegal, and using it is apparently a crime, making it is definitely a crime..but...if it can save a life..WTF??
  See, if Joe Blow gets caught selling weed, I don't care. It's not legal yet, Joe Blow is making a ton of money under the table, and he certainly isn't saving any freaking lives...His gamble, his punishment. I admit, I am all for making pot legal, no different in my mind than booze (although most booze is made of a mixture of sh*t one can ensure is reasonably safe, whereas, right now, pot is kind of chancey). Time to stop wasting law enforcement and court time on something we know will soon be legal.
  But, if Joe Blow has instead, spent days concocting an oil that may save someone, and is offering it up for sale, what sense of accomplishment does the public get when this is taken away?
  I think it is a far bigger crime to keep any and all possible cures, and pain relief from those who suffer. Perhaps it is because I have seen suffering? I realize, Joe Blow was probably going to make some good coin selling these "tears" hey..so be it..pharmacies charge big bucks for lifesaving medication, and don't seem to care if someone can't afford it. I assume the worst thing Joe is doing, is getting his money tax-free..he is not the first, and certainly not the last..hey..figure out what he was going to screw the government out of, and I bet those folks who might get a chance to live will find a way to pay the debt! Bet a GoFund would rake in more than enough!
  Human compassion should not have stupid limits...if something like pot can be made into something that just might save a life, is there not some way to give it a try? It's certainly NOT going to kill someone..Cancer is doing that. Pot has been proven to help children prone to fits, it has been proven to help folks with glaucoma..for crying out loud, why not prescribe Phoenix Tears? Some things are not black and white, some things have large gray areas...Pain and suffering should not have someone decide what does and does not work..Only the one without hope, should be allowed to grasp at any chance ..what difference does it make? Maybe it will save them, maybe it won't, but they should be allowed to try!