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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

#How Green Is My Valley?

 Alrighty! This is for all those who assume I am a great big hunk of Tree hugging flab..Perhaps a sizable hunk of flab, and I have wrapped my arms around a few trees, but..I have never considered myself a #"tree-hugger".
  Since I am in a pi$$y kind of mood right now, and just finished a blog, I am not quite capable of posting, why not go into this hornets nest? I realize, I am ALWAYS b*tching about something, but, that's me..can't change, and wouldn't even if I could. I understand, my views are not the same as those who actually matter to me, well, most times they are, so that is likely why we get along..but..as I always say, this is my personal opinion and I don't care what anyone thinks!
  So, the title...well, that is what I am going to get into, because, although many may not agree with my train of thought, I don't pick the rails, I just go with my gut.
  I oppose Site C with a passion! Besides the utter destruction it will cause, it is a debt for the future generations that is not necessary, therefore it is no less than a crime. The crime is, it is simply a make work project for some, that my children and Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren will all be paying for. Sure there will be some who benefit immediately, not likely many I know, and certainly not many who live in the affected area, but what a price to pay for these few folks to enjoy a bit of wealth.
  Time has shown, that the majority of folks want to decrease their use of electricity. Well, even if they don't want to decrease, they have to, because it is becoming increasingly unaffordable. Because I am old, I remember the costs of Hydro. I remember back in the day, heating my kitchen with my oven, because it was cheaper to keep us reasonably warm in that room with the cost of electricity, rather than put oil in my furnace. Plus, of course, the bill wouldn't come until later, and oil had to be paid C.O.D. and I didn't have any C.O.D. But, beyond that, I turn off lights. I turn off things that are not needed. I wash in cold water, not that it helps, because my hot water tank is gas, but..still, I am trying! If I could afford it, I would definitely walk away from Hydro, and become solar powered, or wind powered. I don't care if I have to use a candle or lamp once in awhile, I could adapt to use Hydro for very limited amounts, because..life can be lived without it. Well certainly not in the city, but in my little world, I could manage with a generator if necessary. However, statistics prove, usage has decreased, so..why do we need to build another dam?
  It is NOT green...in a world that is continually spewing how carbon taxes are needed, and coal is bad, and gas is bad..a great big dam is somehow touted as #GREEN. WTF people, get your heads out of your A$$! This project will spew massive amounts of that nasty Carbon all over the place. It will dump mercury, it will destroy habitat for animals and birds on the endangered list. It will flood land that can be used for grazing, and farming. It will make fish disappear completely, and leach acid blast minerals into the water and ground. But again, somehow the rest of the country believes this is Greener than gas, and coal, and it is worth all the damage it will cause.
  So, #1..we don't need it, #2, it is anything BUT Green, and #3, we just cannot afford it! It's not going to save us a penny, it is not going to make hydro electricity affordable, because a 9 billion dollar debt will be hanging attached to it, when the rest of the world is attempting to decrease their need for it.There is not one positive about this project that I can find, so why has our government slid the thing through every loophole they could find, by passing all the stringent regulatory bodies, to push it as a done deal? If those in charge are sneaking about, does that not make you wonder? Hey, that is enough reason to push the pause button and dig through the lies and the deception to find the truth..the truth being..it is not needed!
  Pipelines..well..they are not pretty, they are not perfect. They carry some problems, along with gas and fluids. They upset eco systems, they have failures, and they are never welcomed. However, oil and gas use is NOT decreasing, and although it is possible to live without electricity, it is far more difficult to live without fuel..not impossible, but difficult. Pipelines also, bring profits. They don't cost the average tax payer until those regulatory bodies decide it is necessary for them to raise the price. They certainly do NOT get to slide by all the regulations set in place. They employ a far greater amount of people, for a far longer time period. And they do NOT, despite what many imagine, spew near the crap that Site C will, into the atmosphere. Hey...something else..you can walk beside the pipeline..can you walk on water?
  I understand, pipelines do impact, and a large amount of that impact is negative, but..so is a huge tanker delivering fuel from Saudi Arabia, developing a leak in the middle of the ocean, and spilling a sh*tload of crap. Water is not the easiest thing to clean, especially if it is miles from anywhere. Hauling this product by train, well, we have seen the result of disaster with that form of delivery. No matter which way you look at things..oil and gas are here to stay..so the big question, how are we going to access it? We've got it..it's right here in our backyard, no matter whether you want it or not. The dinosaurs left it laying there..They left it on the other side of the world, as well, and that is what most feel is acceptable..to use that stuff, it's cleaner than ours????
  Sorry, but..my personal opinion is, it is far more beneficial for us to access that dirty nasty stuff in our own yard, put it into pipes which will be inspected (and we can insist these inspections go above and beyond set regulations) and the access, removal, AND  delivery of this necessary product will be paid for by some ginormous company (not government/Us). We have the right to insist on all sorts of regulations, and we should! See, pipelines can be shut down..yep..it is possible..if there is a problem, shut it down. If the company isn't following the rules, shut it down! There is control..of sorts Pipelines can be shut down, pipelines can be removed, pipelines can be fined, pipelines may indeed cause future issues, but..it is unlikely my Great Grandchildren will be paying the cost of installing them..they may indeed pay a cost to loss of land use, however, my personal opinion is, whatever environmental costs if it doesn't affect the water, we can try to fix it..
 So weigh them out folks..Because..trust me, as much as I do believe in progress, and industry..yep..I do...I believe with all my heart and soul, Site C is not worth the price..it is not worth the billions of dollars you and I, and those who come after us, will continue to dish out, it is not worth the loss of the land it will flood, it is definitely not worth the massive crap it is going to spew on us for generations to come, so...Just like the Treaty 8 First Nations, I accept something has to happen, and just like them, I believe it should be what is already rampant, pipelines...they are there, we have had to learn to live with them, and...sorry, those of you who feel you don't want them in your back yards, but you feel comfortable agreeing it is Green to flood more of the Peace River Valley...suck lemons!! Turn on your heat, turn on your lights, drive to the store, take a trip to someplace sunny and warm...but..sooner or later, everything that allows you to do so, can't stay in another backyard. It is time to see how you are allowed to live a comfortable life, it is time to stop shipping crude oil across the ocean, after paying a foreign country for the stuff. It is time to stop train loads of explosive stuff from rolling through towns and cities...It is time to accept pipelines!
  Hold the companies accountable, hold your government accountable, ensure nothing but the best material is used, do NOT allow pipelines to be built because the area is the cheapest design, insist every safeguard possible is put in place (because there are safeguards). Don't pretend it is unfair you must deal with this, when media has informed you over and over, others have lived with pipelines for many years. You want progress, you want jobs, have them in your backyard..don't stick everything into the Peace, and then tell us how Green our valley is..because we know the truth! 
  Oil and water do NOT mix..
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