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Monday, 18 June 2012

Asian Motorcycle Riders

Oh, I know, I wrote that title just to peak interest. But, you will understand as I progress...
  This will be one of my shorter blogs. Massive thunder storms, and because I am old and "fluffy" I get all pressurized by the muggy weather and all my digits become fat sausages, making typing a pain.
  So...now that I have you glued to this titillating title, I will explain.
Now I told you in the past, that some guests are easier to clean after than others, right? Well, today I came to the conclusion that my very favourite guests to clean after, are....Japanese, and Harley Davidson riders.
  We have had the pleasure of a few Japanese guests. Without fail, the rooms are spotless, in fact, often it does not even appear that the guest laid their head on the pillow, it is like they just hovered over the bed. Do they take classes before traveling, to ensure they are welcomed with open arms by housekeepers around the world? Oh, and I will also state that they will leave the old biddies a tip every single morning on the pillow! We love them!!! 
  Now, onto Harley Riders. Really, they are a piece of cake to clean up after. When a guest shows up, and we see a stack of Harley T-shirts or a Hoodie in the room, we know right away, easy clean! Humm....could it be the fact that a guy with a Harley keeps the bike sparkling clean, and that in turn transfers to the rest of their living space? Hey, I don't know, but as hotel guests, they are prized.
  Goodness, if we had the hotel filled with Japanese Harley Riders , we would simply go in to collect our tips!I could handle that.