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Tuesday, 5 June 2012


One of the problems of time off, is that often you can see things from a different (normal) perspective. I imagine some of you may find this blog a tad repetitive, as I have had a few days to consider things, and once again, the issues are still the same.
  What on earth has happened to business owners in the past decade? I hear all the time how employees do not take pride in their jobs, they are irresponsible, and unreliable, and simply go in, spend their required time, and walk out, with no thought to their job.
  Hellloooo...Pride in the workplace is a two sided deal. The business owner must have a sense of pride in their company. If you work for an employer who is concerned with the workplace, concerned with the customer satisfaction, concerned with the staff moral, you may find that this will rub off on employees. A person who does a particular job, with no expectations of reward, or even acknowledgement, becomes stale. When employees work in a place with a noticeable Caste system, they will certainly not develop pride. They will, instead, stop trying. What is the sense in giving that extra, when it is obvious it is simply ignored, or worse, ridiculed?
  Yes, this does happen. When some employees see another go that extra mile, they become jealous. They have no intentions of doing anything beyond the required, so they will start to stir the pot. If they find someone who is farther up the ladder, they will attempt to get their ear, and then the pot starts to boil. Why is it, that there is always someone who will listen to the twisted stories, accept them, and then take it upon themselves to pass it on to employers as the true facts? Those who listen, feel a sense of importance, and companionship. They are part of a higher Caste, they have the right to ensure their special group is acknowledged, and that another is treated with disdain..
  Employers should have the common sense to understand Human nature. How did they manage to acquire a business, and have it survive, without understanding people? Goodness sakes, they all went to school! We all remember the "Teacher's pet" cripes, that individual was hated by other classmates, because they were transparent to us, we saw them for who they were, way back in Grade 3! Suckholes, I think that is what we called them, even then! Oh, then we have the Brown nosers, equally hated, and basically, the same.
  In truth, the Suck holes, Pets, and Brown nosers (pardon the pun) are incredibly lazy. Their time is spent extolling their self importance, and not doing their job. When an employee has nothing better to do, but bad mouth other employees, their job should be seen as redundant. The employer should clue in that they have far too much time to waste. Those who must continue working away, while another chats away, complaining about co-workers, have no chance. They cannot defend themselves, because they are too busy. They do not have the employers ear, the employer simply accepts the higher Caste person's word as the truth, and then fixates on the worker.
  Come on Bosses!! Your business is run by those who work, chatting and complaining and the Caste system, are not conducive to company growth. Look around, those who go the extra mile, are the ones you need to keep. Those who continue to spend their work time whispering into ears, and finding faults with proven reliable, responsible employees are, in truth, destroying the machinery of the workplace.
  I know the saying, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease", but honestly, when the squeaks become deafening, and the grease is constantly going onto the same wheel, the rest of the parts will soon stop running smoothly, and that greased wheel will run your company right into the ground.
  I expect if I ever was an employer, I would be despised. The only thing I would expect from my employees would be a full days work. I do not need to pay for a friend, I have all the friends I need, and they do not require a pay check. I no longer understand the workplace. I fear that I will never reach the top rungs of any job, simply because I do not savour the taste of Butts.