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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Crickets still buzzing....

For all of you who have been glued to your seats, concerned with my well-being after my last post, relax! The one good thing I have decided, is, the storm brewing will likely occur in my location, it will just not center on yours truly. Yep, the little crickets are still buzzing, and the noise is deafening, but....my spidey senses have had time to hone into the facts, and I am almost positive this storm will rain on someone else's parade.I am pretty sure that I won't even feel a raindrop.
  Things are in a tizzy at the job. We are now a minority, the establishment is full of another culture, and way of life. Hey, I have always found it interesting to see novels and even bathroom toiletries written in a foreign language...no not french...I have enough of a grasp of that to be able to read the English first and then figure out what the French says, although...have you ever noticed, the French part is always waaaay longer than the English, do you think they are getting secret information?
  I digress.... The culture and country that has filled our hotel, is one that I have very little understanding of. You may be surprised to learn that one of my favourite subjects in school was, history. I loved to learn about the past, and I also loved to learn about other cultures. This one, however, has been silent and secretive for a very long time, and I doubt very much, any of us locals have a clue what their lives are like. These people are not the common folk, and it is almost like they have morphed into what they think Canadians expect. .I cannot fault their manners (well most of them), the language barrier is enormous, but smiles usually can overcome these. I appreciate their smiles and nods, and will give them back readily. But...my position in the establishment has become very apparent, with their arrival. It is clear that, because I clean, my importance is minimal. Funny how the attitude they have in their homeland, is the one thing that they cannot disguise.
   I am uncomfortable, isn't that weird? I have always tried to be accepting, don't care what religion, sexual orientation, colour, height, or , mentality(well, O.K. maybe I am a tad picky about that one) a person is, if they have a sense of humour, I am open to communication. Perhaps that is the problem? These folks just don't seem to have a sense of humour. Everything seems to be so rigid and business like. I feel that they are always under the gun, and if they make a mistake, they are totally screwed. They seem to be walking on a fine wire, and that aura hangs in the air.
  I know that what they are doing, is extremely important to their country, but, I am bothered that they are in charge of something so ginormous in my country. I don't see any of my government taking part in this, I see them, in a very small community, simply doing something, that a person in a position, that the people of my country have elected them to, gave them permission to do as they see fit for their own profit, and to allow their country to benefit. . Perhaps my government is here, but I haven't seen hide nor hair. Once again, those at the top have decided that where I live is unimportant to the workings of my Province and Country, and too far off the map to actually send a representative to keep watch.
  Perhaps I am making too much of things? I am not the brightest bulb in the pack, and always look way outside the box. But I have a inkling that the buzzing crickets may be singing in more than English and French, right now.I do know, the storm will hit..I am predicting it arrives sometime around the 15th of next month. I know, that is a very long time to wait..but stay tuned.I promise to admit if I am wrong.
  BTW..Don't get all excited , the storm has nothing to do with countries or cultures, or, even ginormous business ventures.