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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Extension Cords

Woohooo...I am just so darn thrilled. Got my blog set up on top blogs ca. with fingers crossed a whole whack of new readers will pop up, and make me famous...LOL. So that said, I felt obligated to write, although my mind was a complete blank. You are going to have to bear with me, as I sit here trying to dig anal crapola out of my cobwebbed gray area.
  I figured I would go on about extension cords. I know, we all have them, but I am almost sure, no one has near as many as the hotel. We have rooms that are simply, the DO NOT pictures of electrical overload. You would think you were off in the south seas, with all the octopuses (and yes, I spell checked, it is NOT octopi) in some rooms. While cleaning , a person will suck the darn things up the vacuum, while tripping on another, pulling yet another out of the wall while moving the bed. I suppose since times have changed, 2 outlets in a room, are just not enough. So, most rooms have a TV, a lamp, a fridge, a microwave..ooops, there goes the two outlets, time to haul in the extension cords.
  What we have recently encountered is the bright blue cords, and bright orange. Nothing says class more than walking into a shag carpeted room, and viewing the two glaring coloured cords, hanging about 3 inches off the floor. Hello, can we say "Tacky"? I know, when a person plugs their car in because the temps have hit 40 below, they likely enjoy the bright colours, so they can find it buried under the snow, but...does it really add to hotel room decor? I suppose a guest does not have to search for a place to plug their computers in, so, maybe it is a good thing?
  Honest to goodness, even with these extra plug holes, we still run into the room where the poor unfortunate guest has had to kneel on the floor with their toaster plugged into the only available outlet, which is behind the TV.They also have the coffee pot on the floor close by. Oh, we do have tables in many rooms, but...no outlets close by. "Hey" you say, "why not just move the table next to the outlet"? Yes, that would be the sensible question..Problem is, space just does not allow this.
  I think most of us, after a few months at this job, just don't stop shaking our heads. I certainly do not consider myself "Debbie Travis" can't decorate a cake, let alone a room, but, even I can see that whatever thought process went into planing these rooms, was skewered more than mine. We just can't keep adding appliances to rooms to keep up to the times, just by putting in a clump of extension cords.
  Oh, plus, it appears that we have been Doe'ed (you know the Deer whacking business from my last blog) for extension cords. Only last month, my co-worker was informed that someone from the office had entered one of the rooms, and spied an extension cord running along the floor. She was told to instantly remove the offending cord, which she did. Humm...when the guest returned a few days later, they were on the phone to the office immediately requesting the cord be returned as they were unable to plug their TV in.
  Hey, if it was my place, I would find a way to put more outlets in, but it is clear, we must learn to live with the blue and orange octopuses. Maybe we can find some wall coloured Duct Tape to disguise those cords?