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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Detectives of a different kind

I expect some of you will remember my previous Detective story, well today we have something just a little different.
  Now, you have to understand that my workplace has become a little better, lately. This is because we have a very large increase in our housekeeping staff. Oh, it is wonderful! We get this pleasure during the warmer months, because we have young people who want to make a few bucks before school begins. We also have a few folks who are between jobs,bonus..It really makes things so much better. We can now plan days off, without fear that 1-2 people will be left holding the bag. We can tackle projects that have been left for months, because of the inability to spend time on them. We can ensure all rooms get a proper cleaning, and things like blinds get a good dusting. It gives us a sense of relief, to be able to look around and know that we have done a good job. This is something that we lacked when we were short staffed, we have to overlook things on a daily basis, and it bothered us. I wish I could say that this has ended, but as you read on the painting issue, sometimes we are not allowed to do a proper job, even with extra staff.
 Now we get into the real issue. Those running the asylum were very happy when we were short staffed. They didn't care how many times they were told that we were overworked, and worn out. Hey, the rooms kept getting rented out, and the inmates kept things running. Did they have to medicate, by offering raises? Nope, just leave the unending list and sit behind the door, with the attitude that everything would be completed.. When it was clear that only 1-2 inmates would be available, the list did not change. We were definitely fools! What we managed to do was to prove that 2-3 people could somehow complete all this work. So, we in fact, created monsters.
  Now we have more than twice the staff, and that has caused the monsters to become detectives. Each pay day, they must hand out far more in wages than ever before. "Hey, what happened? We have been packed full, and only had to pay 3 people to clean. Why do we have to pay so much to have the same amount done, now?" Yep, you can be sure this is exactly what has happened. Now those monsters have to wander about, hiding behind doors and buildings checking to ensure they are not handing out money for staff who are not doing work. Nothing worse than looking over your shoulder to see someone who, is obviously checking to see if you are busy enough for their liking. Hey, we have had the damn time clock shoved down our throats to ensure we get paid by the bloody minute, now we have someone following us about all day. We have them telling us how to do our work, now. Hummm, if they know so much, why didn't they show up when we were short?
  It is quite clear that the extra staff we have now, will not last. We know this is just a reprieve. The day is coming when it will once again be, just 2-3 of us, and it is also clear, the work load will not drop. The monsters will grin when this time arrives. They will once again only have to hand out wages for a couple of people, but.....the idiots have learned a very valuable lesson. They know that the amount of work they had been doing, was more than enough to keep twice as many people busy. They know this is the reason they were so tired and miserable. They know that the monsters were benefiting a great deal by getting this huge amount of work out of so few. I hope that the detectives have clued in that all these extra people are in fact working, and busy, or if they are not, they have punched out the minute they stopped. I hope that they realize that lunatics can learn lessons, because.....This lunatic has decided that when we go back to square one, she is not going to do the work of 2, for the wage of one, any longer!