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Friday, 15 June 2012

Tingling Spidey Senses

I am sure there are others out there who possess these senses, most mothers seem to acquire them once they have children. Lordie, thank goodness my senses do not require any old spider bites, as I would likely go insane when they kicked in, thinking I had a spider on me....But, I do admit to having a 6th sense, and when it kicks in, life sucks
  . Unlike Miss Cleo, I can't read what these senses are tingling about, I simply have to wait until something happens. They are a pain in the butt, because generally they do not predict positive stuff, or maybe it's just that positive happens so seldom...Yesterday, these senses went ballistic! I have been suffering with a headache for a few days, but this just felt like a brick wall laying on it. Then the hairs on my arms standing up, and that feeling that you had to shake something off, but there was nothing visible.
  Aha!! I didn't have to wait long, got the message from above, come Monday, the place would be packed full, and all rooms needed. Oh, not just the rooms that were available, but also those which had been torn apart to do repairs, and paint. Yippeee!!!
  It is impossible to put down what a huge job this means. You have to understand that we don't have contractors that come in to repair issues, our maintenance doesn't even do this. It is simply housekeeping when we have a slow down, that takes offending stuff away, muds, primes, paints, and silicones.
  So, picture this....We have a couple of rooms that are very offensive, and drive us insane all the time. We have been given the impression we have almost a month in which to put 3 rooms off the books, and use a couple of our staff to fix the problems. One of our staff claims she loves to paint (Hah!! No one loves to paint after they have primed a room from top to bottom, and realizes they have to do this at least 3 more times) so she is all gung ho. She decides she will do this slowly and very carefully, hey, she has a month!!! Well, yesterday she had simply got as far as a coat of primer on the walls.
  O.K. maybe she dawdled...But, really, a month, a person could get away with dawdling a little, right? Keep in mind, as well, this room is directly across from the office, so all work in the room is within speaking distance of the employer. Hey, the employer actually went in this room various times, and was totally aware of the speed the job was being done. The employer was also aware that the lack of ventilation in this room was causing issues with the work process. So....the painter called in sick yesterday, at the same time the employer decided this room had to be finished and ready for Monday!
  Two other rooms also had to be finished, and of course, the weekend is short staffed, so this work had to be finished today!!
  I bet you are thinking that the maintenance person stepped up to lend a hand, right? Nope!!! As usual, the crap hits only our part of staff, suddenly we are responsible for causing these rooms to be off the book, and it is our job to ensure they are ready for the surprise pile of people showing up right after the weekend!
  My buddy and I have learned over the years to never, ever offer to paint! Almost each and every time, this same crap happens. We get 1/2 way through, and the brown stuff hits the fan, we have had to work like idiots to finish a project, doing a slap ass job, so that the room was ready for a unexpected guest. No pride is taken in a job started with great intentions, only to be rushed to complete. We refuse to put ourselves in this mess, and when these rooms were taken off the books, we felt we were safe. We had nothing to do with the jobs, we simply stayed in our own area, cleaning rooms.
  Silly us, guilty by association! Housekeepers doing the jobs, all housekeepers responsible for completion. I hope that the next time we have a slow down, we simply wash walls. No more of this attempting to make a room look decent, it is a waste of time and energy, and sure to end up in a bind. We should know that that which has remained the same since 1964, is acceptable, in fact, preferred. We need to learn not to look beyond cleaning. We need to perhaps take a few extra days off during the slow time. Please, for Goodness Sake, do not do this ever again!!!
  There is not the wonderful appreciation award for going beyond the toilet scrubbing, no expression of joy that a room looks lovely. All that results is the intense stress of trying to pull everything together in one day, and comments that it has taken far too long to do what should only take a few hours.
  I am writing this down, and when the time comes again, which it will, remember today. I am not going to spend another day with my Spidey senses warning me the fan is about to get hit with S*it!!!