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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hot under the collar

Heehee, usually I am the one who starts the day off blowing off steam. Maybe I kind of started plugging the pressure valve, but in truth, my life is not complete unless I get things steaming. I did an awesome job this morning....
  So...I was in first, got the "book" and lo and behold, there it was, a note to housekeeping. We hate those little blurbs directed at us, because they are never..."guest informed office that they were totally impressed by the cleanliness of their room"..nope, they are at all times a complaint of some sort. Sure enough, this was a short and to the point (O.K. things are never to the point, they are always skewed) sentence " Ashtray and cigarette burns in bedspread, Room Blah Blah blah"..Huh, big deal...no non-smoking sign on this room, and we had spent the previous morning ensuring the room was spotless, cobweb patrol removed any offending strings, all ledges dusted, smell test approved. We had checked to ensure the room was not Non-smoking before placing the ashtray. We knew that in the past we had a few pot smokers in there, so...Quite a shock, a complaint on the spotless room.
   Oh goodness, as soon as my partner showed up, I could not wait to pass the complaint onto her. At first she brushed it off, she knew the room had been extremely clean, and informed me we should just ignore the note. Hah!! I know her better than she does...I knew it would start nagging at her, and it did. The first place she went was into the offending room. Ahhh.. she put on her detective hat, 6 pillows on the bed!!!Well, that spoke of someone who was high maintenance...you know the guest who is never satisfied. Whooooaaa..there was coffee!!!
   Now, I am not sure if I have mentioned the coffee issue, we have coffee pots and filters in almost every room, but...no coffee. I swear, we are the only hotel in the whole darn continent that does not supply a pack of coffee.
   So...definitely high maintenance. A bottle of Febreeze on the table, this guest had apparently been a real pain in the butt, but, the only ones getting any blame, were, of course, Housekeeping. We left an ashtray and a bedspread with the tiniest twin holes, which were hidden about a 1/3 of the way down the liner.
  Hola, my partner was on a rampage. First she pulled the bedspread off, pecking away at the itty bitty circles that had caused complaint. The door was checked yet again for a non-smoking sign, ooops, no sign, but the book lists it as such, silly us, we should have realized that the previous months of pot smoking in there, did not constitute "smoking" and the convenience of having a place to save the roaches was something we should only supply when we have found them sitting on a plate. Damn, slapped on the hand for leaving a sparkling clean ashtray!
  She found a note dropped by the office staff with a list...4 pillows, 3 packs of coffee, and a bottle of Febreeze. Wheee...she was on a roll! Into the office, she went so far as to call the staff from the evening. Yes, the guest was one who would never be happy, and had been a total pain in the butt, but the note was written by our employer, and was basically placing blame on us.
  I have spent a fair bit of time watching the way Deer interact. When one Doe gets ticked at another, they will whack them with their legs, then, that whackee will turn to the one closest to them, and whallop them, this goes on down the line till it gets to the smallest deer, who is mercilessly battered by the bigger one. We are, I suppose, the smallest deer. Somehow, no matter what an issue is, it ends up as our error, and blame is dumped on our shoulders.
   It is clear, even if we give that extra effort, climbing on chairs to check corners above cupboards for dust, ensuring wall sconces do not have a speck of dirt, wiping chair legs and table legs, everything you could possibly think of, we are going to get battered by the bigger ones, when they screw up!
  Funny, in truth, I think a large part of this episode could have been by-passed, if the guest had found a supply of coffee when she checked into the room. In my world, coffee cures almost as much as chocolate!!!Humm...perhaps if we could go so far as to leave packets of coffee, and a few brightly wrapped squares of chocolate in an ashtray, we would live happily ever after?