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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Saving pennies ....

Some days as I sit down, I wonder if I am going to suddenly go just a little too far with my blogging. I have been living with this fear that I will suddenly become unemployed, although I have attempted to keep this totally clear of any names or places. Oh, there are a few out there who know, but in truth I could be working in Timbuktu, or the "Bates Motel". LMAO, there have been times when the Bates Motel does come to mind. I realize that this could be anyplace, although I do say small town Northern B.C. but I have lived in a couple of those places, and there are plenty hole in the wall towns scattered about this section of the province.So, I will continue to natter away, perhaps those who I natter about will read this, but, if they do, and find it offensive, I hope they take the opportunity to change some of the massive problems, instead of kicking me out the door. Fair warning, if I have no employment, I will have far more time to spew,LOL.
  Today I will speak of some of the cost saving measures my employer has put into place. We already know about the lack of coffee packets, but this will just blow your mind.
  I was lucky enough to have yesterday off. I had spent the previous day with a terrible headache, and muscle aches. This was caused by the knowledge that we were to get a big group of guests, filling most of the rooms, some of which had just been "renovated", or better yet, partially renovated. My partner was off, and I had visions of a litany of complaints from the office after they had checked the rooms out. This always happens..someone with not enough to do, decides they will wander through the rooms, and pick things apart, and then leave a ginormous list of to do stuff for housekeeping. It didn't happen, there was not a single complaint on the book, and I was thrilled.
  Silly me, I get a visit from my partner yesterday. She has spent the day from H-ll. Sure enough Nurse Ratched took it upon herself to finally check things out.We had rearranged stuff in one room, to allow the guest to actually view his TV from his bed, ooops, silly us. The nurse and the employer found that offensive, and put things back to the way they had been since 1964.
  My partner was raked over the coals..she was once again requested to go through one of the outlying areas to check for beds. This check for beds makes our skin crawl. The office gets to the point where they don't have enough room for all the reservations, so...they begin to place extra beds in the basements of 9,  2 story units. We have had to do the check countless times, each time handing a list to the office. Now Nurse Ratched wants us to do this again, so she can convince the employer we can manage extra guests. Apparently my friend made a rather suggestive response to this request, and the Nurse had best get her calculator and coat along with her "sexually explicit" ass and start climbing stairs.
  Now my partner is anal about her damn clocks. When we do a room up, we are to check the bedside clocks, and set them at the correct time. If she walks in and find a clock unplugged she goes nutty, so we have learned to ensure we do this. Nurse Ratched goes down my partners throat, because all the clocks were unplugged. HOLA, this was not housekeeping, but we are getting the blame. Guess what, mystery solved, one of our employers, in a cost saving measure, has a habit of going into each and every empty room, and unplugging all lamps and clocks. Yep...Going to save the company big bucks, who cares if housekeeping gets crap???
  Cleaning rooms should be one of the basic forms of employment. You simply ensure you conform to a list of duties that must be performed (we have such a list printed up). The insanity that prevails is when others who no longer have a clue how to do this job, decide to add subsections to everything. The Bizarro world opens up when you have an employer who takes it upon himself to wander through empty rooms saving energy by unplugging everything you were required to ensure was plugged in. The asylum is running when you observe buckets removed from large leaks, because they don't look good....OMG, really, just when you think you might be able to manage that which is abnormal, something else hatches in the Cuckoo's nest!