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Monday, 11 June 2012

Do Not Disturb disasters

Well, folks, I hope you realize, I am sitting here, pecking away at the keys, while I should be outside mowing my lawn. This has become my excuse for doing diddly after work. At my age, I have decided that I just don't have the energy to work for money, and then come home, and do physical labour for free. I did manage to make supper, but the dishes are sitting, and I am debating on whether they will get done tonight, or tomorrow...
  I decided it was time to return to one of the rules of proper Hotel guest etiquette, the Do Not Disturb sign.This little door knob deal, is not a decoration, it is to be used correctly, and people should not abuse it.
  You were told that we usually enjoy finding this placed on a door. It means one less room to whip into, but it is also very scary. We start to get a little antsy when it has remained on a door for more than 4 days. When we reach the weekly due date, it starts to frighten us. We usually will leave a note on a door after the week, offering to leave clean towels, if the guest would place the dirty ones outside..we also inform the guest we desire to get in there and change the bedding, and then we wait.
  I will say, surprise surprise, many of those who do not want or need the cleaning service, are actually very clean. When they are long term for months and months, they simply want to have their own space, and will keep this space neat. But.....there is always the disaster.
  I wondered about this room...my co-worker had been in the doorway about a month ago, and assured me that it was pretty good that time. Well...my intuition kept nagging at me. There was a female in there all this time, just sitting there day after day, while her partner worked. We would find a bag of garbage occasionally outside the room, but never a request for a broom, or sheets or towels. I tried to be positive like my buddy, she told me how she had delivered clean linens once, so...maybe I was worried for nothing. I should have known, because we never found the dirty linens outside the door...
   Yikes, today I finally entered the room, it was a strip. OMG...I am not sure what the woman did all those hours she was alone, but it wasn't cleaning. The clean linens my friend had handed over weeks ago, laid on the bedroom floor, not used. The tub had not been touched for months, the bathroom sink had changed from yellow to brown...If she had simply requested a broom, we would have been pleased to hand one over, instead, the floor was covered in dirt.
  Honestly folks..as much as we appreciate one less room to do daily, to keep us out for months, only to walk away, leaving 8 hours of cleaning for some poor idiot, is not worth this. Hey, go for a walk. If we can get in once a week, to a room that a couple is living in long term, and neither wants to clean a tub or toilet, we can manage to maintain things. We have been doing this job for a pretty long time, and although a visit to my own home would certainly not show it, we can clean things up really fast.
  So, once again, folks, my take on females in a hotel, being far worse than men, is on the mark. Guys, if you want to bring your partner, insist they spend a day at the library once a week, and turn the damn sign!!!
 (BTW: For those of you local, this was NOT someone you know. Small town minds can rest, these folks have never been here before)