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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Bird in the hand is worth 3 in the sink..

This one is going to floor you!!! Now, I have told of the mushroom rooms, I have told of smells, and sad decorating. I am not sure if I have mentioned the slants, perhaps we will go into that at a later date. I am seriously thinking those slants may very well be the source of my pain in the hip, but...today we will visit Nature.
  I have read about the Safari hotels in Africa, Treetop thatched huts where folks pay massive amounts of money to be one with nature. I have heard of hotels in Hawaii where if you turn the lights on suddenly at night, you will find the walls covered in Geckos.
  Some folks, like myself, enjoy hauling the trailer out into the boonies, so I can enjoy the serenity of Nature, lakes with jumping fish, bears in the bushes, squirrels in the trees, foxes and moose cavorting about. But, I like to keep the door closed, to all animals, and insects, don't even like to see a spider inside.
  I doubt anyone would appreciate waking up to find another species next to them, and perhaps, some do not even appreciate finding the same species....
  Some folks enjoy scuba diving, and closing themselves up in the shark cage for a visit..but it is doubtful they would even consider getting a hotel room with a shark in the bathtub, right? There is a limit to how close paying guests want to come to Nature.
  Now, we all know what overhangs on a building are all about, right? The roof always comes down a little farther over the outside walls, well, maybe not always, I am not an engineer, but, in my world, the buildings all have overhangs. It is not unusual for small birds to build nests under these overhangs. Hey, I think it is pretty smart on the bird's end, nice and sheltered, babies will stay dry, and folks would have a difficult time climbing up to dig around in their nests, plus, other animals are not an issue, insects are likely plentiful. If I was a bird, I would feel pretty darn secure with my tidy home protected from the elements. I would fly away from the kiddies, without concern, flitting back home to fill their gaping yaps with all sorts of goodies. Hah!!! Silly birds, they had no clue, and no warning.
  This morning, 2 birdie parents lost their babies. Where did the babies go, you ask? Into the sink!!!!Their lovely little home suffered what in our world, would amount to a landslide of epic proportions. The "retaining wall (basically the wall of the hotel) crumbled around their house, causing the tiny babies to plummet through the wall, and down into the kitchen sink of a guest.
  Imagine his shock when he awoke to find his sink (which had dirty dishes in it) filled with squawking birdies. Hey, not everyone gets this up close with nature!
  The babies have been saved, but sadly 2 birds have come home to not only an empty nest, but a demolished home.
  Hummm..I guess this room will offer venting...and a peephole of sorts..better get the duct tape out.