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  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Becoming a Grown Down

Hey I am sure that is definitely not the correct term, however, in my mind, it states things clearly.
  See, it is obvious there is a life cycle. You are a baby, a child, a teenager and then a Grown up (adult). I knew all of that, and, as old as I am, I have experienced those stages. Now I am in one I never heard about. Maybe it is new? Maybe I belong to the first generation of Grown Downs? I know I am not alone in this stage, many of my friends have spoken my thoughts. I have to tell you all, well, those of you who have not entered this stage...it's a pretty good place to be.
  We spend so much time needing, or wanting throughout our lives. We need a car, we need the newest clothes and shoes, we need to make a good impression, we need to strive at our jobs, in search of the big promotion. We need a big house, with extra bedrooms, and 5 million bathrooms, with self cleaning ovens, and self closing drawers. We can't live without granite countertops, or wall sized Television sets. Our children must be kept up dated with every cell phone, ipod, itouch, i whatever. They must join any group within the community, they must be involved in every social activity. We want to be liked, we want to be in the upper echelon group, we want to prove we are just as good as the next person. So much stress, so much money.
  However, suddenly all of those truly meaningless things disappear from our minds. Our children are grown, the house is too big. We realize that out of the big group of people who were once so very important, there are just a few select folks who really matter, and many of those are so far away, all of our needs and wants, make no difference in our friendship. They are friends simply because they like us!! No need to prove diddly to them.
  We look around, nice car, nice house, but, suddenly the realization that it is all too much hits home. What exactly do we need 4 bathrooms for, when there are two of us?We are stunned to learn that all along, a person only needs the basics. A roof over their head, food, and contentment. To always strive to get more and more, keeps contentment out of reach. Is contentment possible?
  I believe it is! I believe now that I am becoming a Grown down, I will soon be content. The moment I can find a way to sell off all I have invested years into, and return to the very basics of life, contentment will be mine! Yes, all those lovely pictures of little cabins off in the wilderness that show up day after day on Facebook, are the signs of other Grown Downs.
 Our generation is not filled with Snow Birds living in RV's throughout the winter, that are often so lavish, they put homes to shame. We are not seniors who dream of living our last days out in some top of the line Old Folks home, with spa treatments down the hall. We are the new Grown Downs who want to find our way back to the simple things, a place we can have the basics, and to be able to afford the ability to savour every moment. Maybe the moments will not be filled with excitement , but..trust me, when you hit my age, excitement becomes something totally different, and far easier and cheaper than that of a Grown Up.
  So, all those of you who are stressed, and tired of the rat race, and the expense of life, remember, some day, you will start to grow down (well, maybe not everyone). What you have had to work so hard to afford, will simply become a savings account. Likely not a high interest return, but, an account that you can use to go back to the basics. It may not sound like much, right now, but in my world, it sounds absolutely perfect, and an excellent prize for growing down!