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Monday, 14 April 2014

The Supernatural

 Yesterday I saw all these posts on FB, folks are all happy and smiling , because the community of Kitimat voted "NO" the the Enbridge pipeline. HOLA, folks,   really? Do you think your vote is going to make any difference in the freaking world? If you do, get yourself a handicapped sign, because you are mentally deranged.
  What information do you hold, that the rest of the Province, no the country, is not privy to? Why do the wishes of your community make a difference, and those of so many other communities, fall on deaf ears? Is your community somehow in control of Crusty's dreams? Do the First Nations of your territory have more power than those of others? Is there some unfair advantage you have, that every other place the present government has seen fit to set pipelines in motion, did not possess?
  You said "NO"! Good for you!!! If the people of this province have sat back thinking everything is on hold, until the impacted area decides if they can move in, you win the stupid award!! You win this, because with all the information open to the public, you have not done your research. This pipeline, along with many others, is moving along very nicely, with a pretty good head of steam, aided profusely by all governments involved.
  I have admitted to being Pro O&G. But, with what is in various stages for our neglected areas, I have to shake my head. I live in an area that even the farthest back road you travel, has some sort of pipeline on it, or a well, or a gas plant. Remember when hunters used to follow the ridge line, or river when they got lost in the middle of nowhere? Well, now one can simply follow a pipeline. Soon, you will have to ask permission to hunt,because you will be infringing on company property.
  You are all hollering about Enbridge, for crying out loud..that is just one of hundreds. You can't stop this!!!Do you think just because you live there, you can put a stop to something that has been sitting on the desk of every single member of the Federal and Provincial government desks, discussed in the backrooms for likely years? Do you actually think that what the people say, has any bearing on what will happen?
  Look around!! Transmission lines, hydro projects, money, money, money...all spent out of your tax dollars to ensure all of this is going to come to fruition. You say you don't want it, why the F*ck are you paying for it? You didn't know what was happening? Well, too bad, you are all just a little too late!
  The money has been spent, as you were waiting for the right time to have your say, companies have made application for all sort of stages, and.....surprise...they have all been accepted! Fools!!! The Pied Piper has been playing his music for a very long time, and now...you will pay the price, because you didn't make him stop.You still think that because you said NO, all of these companies will simply wrap things up, and walk away, after so much investment, paid to your government? Crusty smiles, because she has sold your souls to the devil, and there is not a single thing you can do.
  Holler "No" all you want! But, take a few moments to pop in to see all the applications with your government. Scroll about and see just how many have been refused...pretty difficult to find the word "NO" in there.
 You have heard my fight, not with O&G but with a crown corporation. I have kept you up to date on what happened when this area screamed NO, with tears in our eyes. We actually had a promise from Government that this would not happen. I have attempted to tell you what the desire of a community means to Government. Yet you appear to believe a vote will change the course of progress, so close to it's destination.
  Crusty's trick has been to set so much on our plates, that we simply cannot focus on all of them. People have chosen one project dear to them, and ignored all the others. Well, they are all part of a grand scheme, and unless someone can work magic, we are now royally screwed!
  Welcome to British Columbia, super tankers, super pipelines, and the amazing  Supernatural Crusty Clark!!!