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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Crusty's Trash Talk

I imagine most everyone who is bored enough to pop by and read my rants, has realized, Crusty Clark is not one of my top ten.
 When she took over for Gordo, I did think, for an instant, she might be O.K. Hey, she was a Mom, she was female, and she had talked the talk on radio..maybe???? I think it was that smirky, slimy smile she started to plaster on her face, at every opportunity. Then the oh woe is me story about how her parents were able to pay for their family home, with a school teacher's salary, and...this was the big one..her election campaign left a pukey taste. She ran a campaign ad in which she visited a farmer, somewhere in the lower mainland, and went off on her speel, on how her government is allowing this farmer to keep his family in his community with jobs local, and how wonderful it was that this farm would continue on for generations. Well, as she is selling the public this happy bubblegum scene, right in my backyard, she is working to drown farmers, and destroy farms that have been in other families for generations. I realized that, like most other politicians, she cared only for those who were her "neighbours". I realized like all others, this b*tch didn't give a crap what she had to do outside her own backyard, to make money.
  Then I listened to how our government was going to make it easier for people in B.C. to enter into Trades. Helloooo..this morning I read the area newspaper, 2 post education facilities in huge struggles, because....government has cut their funding. O.K. here we have the very institutions that train folks in trades, and....government is making it next to impossible to keep the doors open.
   I listened to this new grant for young people wanting to learn trades, funded in 3 parts, federally, provincially and...here's the kicker, industry. So, I think this is how the whole thing works..young Joe, or Josephine finish high school. There is money in trades young person...grab hold of the brass ring now....There is all this funding out there to help you, but, you must find a company willing to dish out a third, the 2 governments will put in a third each. Yep, I know that there are a ton of companies willing to hand out a tasty treat to a kid just out of high school, someone who has no experience but could, if they gamble and put money down. For goodness sakes, this grant system is so flawed, it is likely barely touched.
  Then I read more, I read how our province is going to experience a big boom, so much happening, we don't have the trained people in our midst, we are going to have to bring in TFWorkers. For goodness sakes, people...we could have enough trained people, we could have near zero unemployment, and minimal social assistance, if our government stepped up to the plate, and really made it possible for those who live here to learn how to do the jobs. Instead, we will bring folks in from elsewhere. They will have their medical paid for by the employers, they will get housing from the employers, they may get paid less, but, they will send every extra penny home.
  Here's a thought....why not grab some of those folks on social assistance, unable to work lower paying jobs because they will lose their rent controlled housing, and free medical. If employers can pay these bills for foreign workers, and put them in housing, they can do the same for British Columbians, and these people will accept a lower wage, because they don't have to worry about their loss of health coverage, or a roof over their head. Maybe set up some sort of day care for single mothers. That way, all of the money stays here!! That way the people who live in this province will again be able to spend money at home, and keep business alive in B.C.
  I fear that my children will experience a depression, not a recession. It is so obvious those who live here are losing their jobs, left, right and center. People are slower to spend, because they are concerned about their job security. Out-sourcing has become rampant, I think we have only seen the tip of the ice berg, in that regard.If a country out-sources a huge percentage of their middle and lower class jobs, then government opens the doors to allow other countries to come on in, and help themselves to our resources, what will be the end result?
  Our country can't run on royalties..that is apparent. They have hiked income tax, hidden tax, utility rates, cut education budgets, cut health care budgets, cut everything we hand over ginormous amounts of our working dollars for, and now they are set to cut off the hands that feed them.
 We will be like those citizens of third world countries, standing on corners requesting change from the TFW, maybe we can train a moose, or a Polar bear so they can throw money at the poor local Canadians? Maybe I am going a tad over board, but...if we continue to allow other countries to reap the benefits of what belongs to us, without giving us control, the future looks mighty grim.
  Quit talking trash, Crusty....Look after your own folks, they live here, and they pay you!!!