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Monday, 7 April 2014

The New Politics

Although it still needs formal approval, BC Hydro is moving forward in its plans to build the Site C Dam Project west of Fort St. John. Read more at: http://bit.ly/1joabYp
   So, it doesn't take a genius to read between the lines. All one has to do is read the comments.." it's going to happen, so we may as well accept it"! WTF was all that money, time and energy that was spent on the big Public Hearings Panel, who haven't even had a chance to hand in their report, in aid of?The camp project, up for bids, the construction of the dam now in the next phase..holy crap!!!
  Why are people simply accepting the fact that our government has decided to do something, even if it is not right? When did the people in a free world, decide they didn't want to expend the energy to keep their world free? That's what we are doing, we are sitting back, and allowing everything to be controlled by those who were placed in the driver's seat to take the province where we wanted to go. Now the driver has decided to veer off to some side road, that will be quick and shine brightly for a few moments, and then turn into sinking sand.
  HOLA!!! People, really, what has happened to the rights of those who pay the ones at the top? It is rampant in business, and commerce, and oh so very obvious in politics, this disdain for those impacted, or those who say no. Well, "say no" goes beyond the dating world, folks go to jail if they don't listen to "NO", however it appears if you are in charge, you can just plug your ears and do as you please, spinning the facts to whatever suits your goal.
  I am going to tell it like it is..MONEY. Hey, I like the stuff just as much as the next person!! I want nothing more in life than Health, wealth and happiness, but...often, well pretty much always, money comes with a price. Most of us pay the price of working, but there are other costs. Problem is, if the majority think the cost will be borne by someone far away, what do they care? Hey, survival of the fittest...O.K. wrong analogy, but you get the point, right? Oh, hey maybe this works..."not in my backyard". Yep, that's it!!! Everything ends up in someone's backyard. If we just keep closing our eyes,sooner or later the money pit will end up in your backyard (unless you live in Vancouver or Victoria). Then you will see, you no longer have a single ounce of control of what happens.
  Cripes, I am like that person who you read about in the little side column of the paper. Those people who you hear about who happen to have built their dream home on a plot of land that suddenly becomes the highway, that is going to make so many lives better..too bad for those folks with the house, power in numbers. It's all well and fine to glance at the story, maybe feel a tiny pang of remorse for those people, and then forget about it. I did that!! I admit..it wasn't personal to me, and I simply didn't care enough.
  However, this isn't just a highway going through a dream home, this is a huge body of water, flooding farms, homes, and business. The land cannot be reclaimed, simply by removing asphalt. It is clear to those of us here (well many of us, in fact the majority)this is wrong. We felt that having an esteemed Panel of experts who would look at things with a non-biased eye (or eyes) was wonderful. Why? Because the facts speak for themselves, this project is wrong on so many levels. I will lay money (oops don't have any) the result of those hearings will suggest government, both Federal and Provincial put this plan back on the shelf where it belongs. I imagine Ms. Crusty and BC Hydro know this is likely, but..hey, lets just pretend, spend so much money, our next line to the people of the Province will be..too much invested, taxpayer will have to pay the price of what we have spent , unless we finish the plan, and then we won't have to pay until it is built and producing. Yep, we know that's the deal..don't have to pay for the pipers until the dam is functioning, but..there is no such deal in place for everything that has been doled out already.
  We have become complacent! A very dangerous attitude to have. We quietly accept everything, even if we know it is wrong for the future. The damage is covered by itty bitty grants, and legacys, and those who feel it is worthwhile, will spit on anyone who doesn't agree..Tree Huggers..that's the immediate brand. Well, I am not, nor have I ever been, a Tree Hugger!!! I just know this is not the best for the Peace River, or the Province, and I am sickened that all those who feel like I do, simply accept "It is going to Happen".
  We do NOT live in a free world, we live in a Totalitarian Country, and we are swallowing everything that is shoved down our throats. Spit it out folks, and speak up!!!