Favourite Books

  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Friday, 4 April 2014

Don't Rock The Boat

I imagine those of you who don't know me, will be very surprise to learn, I am the world's biggest candy-a$$. If you want to cheap out, take me to the carnival. My family totally enjoys the fact that I get scared on anything other than the bumper cars. I tried the ferris wheel, but my beloved proved it is nothing close to romantic, when he started to rock the damn seat.
  But, set me down on solid ground, and I have no issue rocking every flipping boat that is out of the water.I admit, I was a non-rocker for a very long time. I thought if I stayed quietly in the background, nothing would affect me. Just stay out of everything, it doesn't concern me. Then it becomes habit, and even when it is going to affect you, the need to keep quiet overrides action. It is no different than voting, folks, if something is happening that is going to affect you, even if you feel it is simply going to lay a thin coating of dust as it develops , all moaning after the fact can be blamed on your lack of participation.
  I heard about Site C years ago. However....hey, it was going to bring progress, it was going to mean jobs, it was going to simply raise the level of the river a few feet.WTF was everyone complaining about it? I didn't see the big picture, I figured that little raise in river level was not going to affect me at all, just a little dust!
  Things have a tendency to change with time, Plans are tweaked, projects grow bigger, more and more baggage is added to the original arrangements, and suddenly you feel the need to grab onto that boat and rock the living crap out of it, but it is no longer just a boat, it is a frigging tanker, and your tiny voice is drowned in the noise.
  The tiny voices in one of my favourite author's book, Whoville, when combined were heard. They all had to participate in order for this to happen. I have always thought Dr. Seuss had morals to most of his stories, and the lesson that book taught was even the smallest matter, but they have to holler to be heard.
 I learned my rocking lesson the hard way. My insignificant river level rise has turned into a huge mess, right in my backyard. I have no control, and those who sit quiet when plans are being hatched, should pay careful attention. Rock your boats as hard as you can so that you see all the luggage, even those carry-on bags, because maybe you missed what was packed into that, and instead of a little dust, you will find yourself coated in boulders.