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Friday, 25 April 2014

This is The Problem

  Recently events occurred at a meeting between First Nations, Oil and Gas industry, and government. This link will give you a starting point, if you are at all interested in finding what I think it is whole problem with the push for LNG, by our government. This single incident is a vivid picture of what our government is doing, and what, we as the people, appear to condone.
  See, our friend Crusty and her fellow twits, decided we could save so much time and effort, if we cut regulations, in regards to oil and gas. Yep, we are going full speed ahead with massive projects, insane construction, and.....instead of adding more supervision to an environmentally based industry, we are simply going to let some of them go ahead, without having to spend extra time ensuring they are sound. Hey, Cursty figures (because she is such an expert on LNG) that if a company claims their plants are sweet gas, they can run along without all the silly issue of regulations in regards to the environment. Well, Crusty, . I am not a geologist, but...I am pretty sure that there are plenty of levels below ground that might have some cute and friendly sweet gas floating about at the top, but...maybe..just maybe...some sour sh*t might be right next door to it? Hey, Crusty can definitely correct me if I'm wrong!
  So...she hands these guys a "get out of Jail free" card. Now she decided all of this with only her crew involved, this wasn't something all the politicians got to take part in, and definitely not something the public was privy to. She handed this information out, at the same time her people were off on a warm and fuzzy Summit meeting with First Nations.
 O.K. just a tiny tid bit of extra info here....in our province, well, supposedly, in our country, government is required to consult with First Nations when anything regarding their land is involved. Crusty is always talking the talk...she even went so far as to pass a new regulations giving FN a piece of the royalties from LNG..ohhhh..what a crafty Krunt!!! Money, money, money...greatest hiding spot in the world, everyone is willing to sweep sh*t under the carpet for enough money, right? So, promises to keep FN up to date with everything happening in their area, and some extra pieces of gold to soften the blow.
  Well, her timing was off by a long shot. She put this news out at the wrong time. The FN having this warm and fuzzy Summit meeting got wind of it, at the same time as the rest of the province. Helloooo...this is not good politics. You promise them you are going to place strict regulations to ensure the safety of their land..because, really Crusty, you are just letting someone onto property that isn't yours to start with, right? Then you decide to change the rules, in mid-flight. Oooops...surprise!!
  These people have a strong woman, and I will take a stab at a guess, a mother, who had the strength to stand up, and call Crusty's bluff. She spoke the truth, and told government they had stabbed her people in the back, and had the courtesy of simply asking government to leave the meeting. Now, I watched all of this on video, I had assumed they just got up and left, not so...they were actually drummed out of the meeting. It is likely few of those who walked out the door, understood the enormity of being drummed out, it is doubtful they recognized the shame they should have felt. They had lied, many times over, and still felt they could hold their heads up and speak with their forked tongues. Our government has no morals, they have no respect, they are a disgrace to humanity, and this woman knew what they said at this meeting would more than likely, be lies again.
  The government back peddled..oh they forgot to mention this to the FN...what????Come on, that is impossible, they did not forget, they just shoved it through mixed up with other stuff, hoping no one would notice. Likely someone in Crusty's group got their hands slapped, for poor timing..maybe..but, this is just the tip of the ice berg. Our government is shoving stuff through daily, breaking rules, and making new ones.
  Now, we come to the root of the problem. In answer to what occurred at this Summit meeting, the municipalities in that area, sent out a letter. This letter stated that they did not agree with what FN had done. They called it, now hold on, this is good....."discriminatory exploitation". HOLA!!!! They further go on to say they are all for LNG, they need LNG, they have no other industry, and don't want the companies to pick up and leave for Alberta, because of this incident.
  OMG..people...Really!!! This woman called out the liars, and the cheats, and the whole regional municipality is standing up to give them a hug, and lay out the welcome mat. This is the problem, liars, cheats, backroom deals, are suddenly acceptable. In fact, they are favoured over those who have been the recipients of the lies, those who have been screwed over, and attempt to make things right.
  This is what sickens me. This is where disaster lies in wait. This is when the people of this province should be standing up, and making government answer to their lies, and their secrets, and their lack of respect to people and the very land they wish to profit from. If you feel safe with how this government is proceeding in regards to LNG..you have your head up your a$$!! Pull it out, right now folks, the red lights and bells are flashing and ringing, and people are sitting back, with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. Make her do this the right way, the best way for all the people who call British Columbia home!! Get out your drums, and start beating them as loud as you can, and roll the welcome mats out very slowly.