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Tuesday, 8 April 2014


O.K. this isn't going to be about mushrooms, although, I do know a teensy bit about some mushrooms(no not the magic ones, silly). I remember when I was a kid, and went off to the airport to visit my Dad, he had a plaque there "we are the ******* Mushrooms. They keep us in the dark, and feed us bullshit".
  Well, this plaque should be hanging at the entrance of British Columbia! I don't think very many folks have a clue as to what is happening in their province. I blame the lack of media , well, not the lack, but the inept reporting of news, on the majority of this. But, I can't possibly be the only person who clicks on my computer and surfs for information, can I?
  Are there so many out there who really don't care? Is the province filled with twits who think our government is actually looking out for our best interests? Cripes after the last election, I know it isn't true.  
  Ooops there is the next puddle of blame..government opposition. Frig, I remember back in the olden days, politicians verbally fighting over things, and no fear of spewing what they felt to the public, so we could decide who we felt was right. Politicians had their work cut out for them, they had to prove to the people their way was best. Now opposition doesn't do diddly, just in case they are up to bat next, and don't want to burn the bridge to the almighty dollar.
  Holy crap,folks. Money is flowing all over the place..almost like there is a pipeline of it connected to the North Coast, but that isn't there, is it? Our government isn't approving pipelines right now..because..hey, they have to have hearings to allow the people to decide..don't they?
  See, I think the trick of Crusty's minions, is to have so many rods in the fire, no one can see them all. Hey, lets just throw a hundred project applications in, and see how that works. The North West has been left to struggle for a very long time, we have ignored them. Now. we will give them what they have been hollering for, and we will bury them, cage them, or drown them. See, someone will smell the scent of bullshit, but they won't be able to find it hidden under the big pile, and by the time they find it, we'll make sure we have set in place a new regulation that will make it O.K.
  Today, I questioned myself again....Yes, our groceries are bought with coal money, how can I have the nerve to talk smack about coal mines? We bought our groceries with oil and gas money,once as well. Here I am knocking that. Truth is, I am not knocking either of these, I am knocking how our Government is slacking off on their job. They are suppose to protect our land....Super Natural British Columbia!! They are doing the total opposite. They have lifted regulations, investigations, processes , and have attempted to allow industry to fast track into our parks and protected areas.
  When your Government sees fit to lift regulations in an area they promised to set aside, to be left for those who wish to enjoy natural beauty, for profit, you had best start clicking and surfing to see what else they are up to.
  Today I heard things that scared the crap out of me,oh don't worry, not about to share my nightmare with you , just yet. It is blatantly apparent few really give a sh*t.
   Hey, it is hanging over top of every last person looking out their window in economically depressed , dink a$$ town B.C. Look carefully, do some surfing, the big black cloud is getting ready to drop a whoop ass sooner than you imagine! This time, a raincoat is not going to protect you, and don't go looking to the government for disaster relief!