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Wednesday, 16 April 2014


 This won't be one of my long drawn out rants...just something that as been floating about my grey matter since yesterday. It was one of those things that before it even happened, my tiny pea sized brain was vibrating. See, some things that seem good, are actually just a teeny bit questionable.
  Maybe you will think I am uncaring, or thoughtless, or cheap. Well, you have me pegged on the cheap, but...I am neither thoughtless or uncaring (most of the time). Some things, are near and dear to my heart. Sick children are pretty much at the top of that list.
  Thing is...I have an issue when I go into a store to purchase something. Now, I have to pay for this item, I have to dish out the taxes, and in some cases, cripes, I have to either provide my environmentally friendly personal bag...or.to walk out of the store with an item I paid for, I can chose to pay for a bag...or simply cart it out in my arms...This tidbit, ticks me off, but I am veering away....I cringe when I am standing in line and notice whatever little sign the store in question has stuck up for the world to see, and how you can donate...I actually shudder, because I know I will not be able to say "NO" to whatever charity the business sees fit to request me to pay into.
 Yes, Wally Mart is wonderful, handing out all those large cheques to whatever needful place they see fit to support. The pictures are on TV, in the papers...Wally Mart gives...$$$$$$. F*CK THAT!!! Wally Mart customers handed over the cash. Oh, maybe they donated some of the money, but, truth is, the customers standing in line to pay Wally Mart money that in turn provides them a pretty hefty profit, dished out the majority of that cash. Grocery stores...crap, this is a real pain...first I am expected to pay a price for items far in excess of those customers "down south" because of course all those goods must travel a great distance, so I pay for the "shipping", then they want to add another charge onto my mind boggling bill, as a donation to whatever cause is on the list for that day.
  I know I am not alone.I know there are others out there much like me, who feel cornered. We are not bad people, we would likely hand over large amounts to great causes if we had our vaults filled with spare cash at home. But as we move through the crowded conveyer belt line up to the till, we are totally aware that our bill is going to be more than we planed. Can't give them $1, geez...that's cheaping out, you know it is going to be $5 because that is usually the first amount they "suggest".
  Now, here is a question, when Wally Mart or the grocery store hand over these ginormous cheques to whatever charity they chose....do they get a tax deduction? I have to think they do. Hey, I may be wrong, but chances are they get a receipt that those counting their "beans" get to put in a line on the income tax papers.
  I would be handing out cheques to every single charity in the world if folks were lining up outside my door to hand me the money to do so. Heck, I would have the ultimate tax write off, and all I would have to do was stand there, and take the money!
  Again, I didn't Google, and research how this system works. I might be wrong...could happen...But, I am not a fan of the "feel obligated" give to charity, after paying your bill schemes, and I am certainly not a fan of enabling a large corporation to find a way to get themselves a hefty tax write-off!
  Just my personal opinion....