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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Bet that title gets a few hits from outer Blogville, and there will be some disappointed folks. Oh well, too bad so sad. This is my blog, and that is the title that popped into my head at lunch time, so there!! Now, Anality, is it really a word? I don't know, if it isn't, then it should be, and if it's not in the dictionary, I will give the meaning to this word (in my mind) and then it will be so....
  Do you note a tad of snot about me? You should, because I am feeling very fricking snotty!!! I have had the rest and relaxation of 2 days off, sucked right out of me, within 15 minutes of walking into work!!Because of that, I will be taking more days off in the very near future, in fact in a couple of days!!!
  So, onto Anality. I use it because it sounds sort of painful, and crappy at the same time, and nowadays Anal is also used for stupid, therefore this word basically describes my day to a T!
   The stupid part, well, I think that is myself. I am tired of being an idiot, because I get concerned that the work will not get done, I start my morning off in a rush, working twice as hard as I should. I am unclear as to who will show up, I am unsure as to what will be completed, so I feel obligated to do the work of two people, working myself into a frenzy. Frenzys are not good, they take control of your whole being, they use up energy, that you may need for something else, they make you very, very tired and very very touchy, and then you appear to be a snot, well, you actually end up being a snot. I do not like being a snot!! I started my day with a smile, and this does not happen often. I walked in well rested, and ready, and then had to become stupid and work into that blasted Frenzy. Frenzys are difficult to get out of, the only cure is to spew to someone who understands, and thankfully I was able to do this, so the Frenzy is now history.
  So, the painful part of Anality, well, that is my back, feet, and head. The back from, doing one bed after another, my feet, well, old age mixed with swelling will cause that, and my head from the ache that started at 7:20 this morning.
  Crappy, Hah! That basically is what I found in a few toilets today. Yep, apparently we have some non-flushers, and other with excess amounts of glue poo, oh and my special guest is back, and she left me a mess in the sheets and on the mattress cover, so we are on track, been there 2 days!!!
  So, I think Mr. Webster would agree, Anality is a word that is a necessary part of the English, and perhaps many other, languages.I haven't even taken the time to research,if it is in the dictionary, and I really don't care, it will become a part of my speech, along with spermazodes, crapola, turdets, and various, sundry other descriptive phrases.