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  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
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Saturday, 21 April 2012

I'm Clueless!

O.K. I know, this isn't hotel related (well, sort of) but I am not sure if I told all of you, I am totally clueless when it comes to bits and bites and blogs. I just figured out how to get a spot, and now I sit down tap away at the keyboard and hit publish. In truth, I just keep clicking all buttons, share, send to Facebook, send to Twitter, share to Google, all the while, not at all sure what it all means. My goal is simply to send my natterings off to as many poor unfortunates as possible, and to my extreme pleasure, it is working! I know my friends feel somewhat obligated to click in, but, I have folks in Russia, Singapore, Sweden, and today, Romania, somehow finding their way into my blog. Oh, I expect it is just a word that somehow gets them clicking in, but, hey, don't care, it is still very exciting for someone in Hick town B.C. to suddenly have folks all over the world reading something they wrote. Bet, many don't pop back, but, I can honestly say, those in Russia are a growing group, and they are not reading because they are obligated. Perhaps desperate for something trivial to giggle or shake their heads at? In my widest imagination, I see some poor woman, doing the same job I do, reading my stories, and shaking her head, saying (in Russian) " I totally understand"!
  See, I doubt that women (or men, because I know they do this job as well) in other countries have it much different than I do. O.K. maybe they wear uniforms, my personal uniform consists of my everyday clothing, with bleach marks, or have fancy duvets and lush carpets, but....a toilet is a toilet, right? Poop is poop, no matter what nationality. My goodness, we really are, universal toilet scrubbers. Oh, I know, I watched "Maid in Manhatten" and shook my head. Come on, no one I work with looks like Jennifer Lopaz, we do this job, because we have not been called to do Venus Razor commercials, and need that pay check. Now, I'm not saying that there are no beautiful housekeepers, because that would be silly, but sadly, I am not one. I can't imagine getting makeup on, to go in and do my job. The sweat that I work up, would start that stuff dripping, and it would go onto the linens, and I would be up the creek. But, perhaps, somewhere, folks get dolled up to clean?
  I figure we may use different products, have some different rules, but how exciting, if you could get one from each country, and set them in the same hotel, they would all go about doing exactly the same thing, no language barrier problem. We are kind of like parents, cleaning comes naturally, every single person knows what clean is, there is no denying it. When you tell your children to clean their rooms, they know darn well they are not doing it properly! When you do a room, and don't dust, you walk out knowing you did not complete the clean, not that I have never done that, I admit, if I dusted the day before, and am in a hurry, I will leave a room .  So, maybe an exchange program would be in order? How wonderful would that be? Some poor soul from one of those far off countries could come and spend a week cleaning at the lovely establishment I work at, while I would jet off to clean a hotel in Russia ,of course in the summer, or, maybe one in Sochi (yes I like places with Palm trees). Hey, something to consider.
  I just figured it was time for me to say thank you to those who have stopped by, and especially those who keep stopping by. I love writing these tales from the "Throne" and the knowledge that they are been read, is a bonus. So Thanks all, and hope that we can get together many more times in the future.