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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Wow, my day has been full of surprises, some good, some of course, down right unpleasant. Lets start with the good.
  O.K short staffed, rather badly, yet again, not at all looking forwards to a day like yesterday, but, I am beginning to think Karma is on my case, and I don't have a chance in the near future. I basically walk into work, tired. Now, don't get me wrong, I do all I am suppose to, I get a good nights sleep, in fact I hit the hay at about 8PM, what more can I do for rest? Oh, I also soak my cares away in my lovely brand new Hot tub, that is suppose to banish all aches and pains, and turn my thoughts to spring flowers, and sunshine. It's nice, but, sadly, the feeling of wonderful vanishes very quickly, upon waking. Now, it would certainly work much better, if I had soak sessions, throughout the day, Hah! Don't really even have time to pee, it's that busy!
  So, I am muttering down the hall, doing one room after another, each one, needs vacuuming, and wiping down, as it is clearly spring and the muck is here! I spy the first room that is always DND, sign is gone, he is long overdue for a weekly, so get that done, and feeling pretty good (hate the idea of someone going too long without clean sheets). Then I see another of my regular DND rooms, yikes, he is also overdue, and he is a new guest. I open the door slowly, as I have said, sometimes these DND's have a terrible pay back price, surprise!!! It is nice and neat, just needs a regular weekly, garbage is all in the container, dirty towels in the bath, this guy is wonderful!! Then I see it!!!! On his table there are two full-sized Cadbury bars, with a note thanking us for our wonderful service (hey, he has allowed me to by-pass his room for days). He is a long termer, and I am thrilled!! This person is following all my rules for the perfect guest. I had to leave him a note explaining my "blog hobby" and how without reading it, he managed to do everything right. Thank you Room ***!!
  This gave my spirits a lift, but they were soon dashed. I left the wicked witch till the last, as I had heard someone speaking in there earlier in the day. I hoped she had the day off, and wouldn't need anything, hah!Got my buddy to knock on the door, as I dread that room so very much. It is on my mind as soon as I go in. I expect it might be better to start with that one, and just get it over, but usually I am so angry at the mess, and inconsideration, I work myself into a frenzy, and get even more tired. So, my friend knocks, nothing, damn...that means I have to go in. Honest, you have no clue, she affects me like others get severe heart burn. My back hurts, my head aches, and I can't stop saying really foul words, upon entering that room. Most of them I never used to say out loud, in fact I used to hit anyone else who said them....with this job, those words flow freely, and if I got hit each time I said them, I would be a battered Housekeeper! In I go, not so bad, garbage is full and overflowing (question: how does one have so much garbage each day they can't fit it all into a can?) dirt on the floor, O.K. that's not so bad....Into the bedroom...That's when it gets bad. I AM female, and I realize certain female issues occur on a regular basis. However, they do not manifest themselves on pillow cases, but there was a nice red smear, not something that will easily come out in the wash. Practice told me it wasn't over yet (went through this just 2 days before as well) sure enough, all linens off the bed, basically toast. Oh, once it was made up all nice and fresh, I head into the bathroom. Crap..tub has all the towels, soaked, I should have known better, but habit has me to grab them up to carry them down the hall, which I did far to quickly to notice the smell of barf. I am not good with that, as I mentioned, and my brain really wanted me to rush home and shower, but not possible, so I had to ensure my clothes did not stink, and wash up to my elbows in hot water. How can one person be such a pig? I understand young people having a night, and finding a mess once in awhile, but this is constant, plus she has the balls (O.K. maybe not real balls) to complain on a steady basis. The next time she complains, I will bring the office person in to see what I have to deal with daily.
  So, in amongst the thorns, I have found a single rose. I have no clue what this person looks like, but, I am grateful to have them as a guest. We have a few like him, guys that are going to be long term, and are spotless, just wish they were the ones I was cleaning up after, instead of Bloody Mary!!! Yep, that's her name, and she will be forever remembered as such. (her name really isn't Mary, if you were wondering,lol).