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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Just Joking

O.K. I am doing this before I Hot tub, today. I am going to attempt to keep things nice and simple, and not get to the point of having to delete, once again.
  I recall in one of my previous posts, stating, perhaps I should become a fortune teller. Well, I was just frigging joking!!! I can't read minds, silly people, if I could, I certainly would not be wiping boogers off walls!!I am the same as most. I can't predict the future, lotto tickets are just a gamble, and I suck at the Casino!! Oh, I have a little of the detective talent. Like today, in one of the rooms, there was a cell phone laying on the edge of a sink, a $5 bill beside it, and a napkin with writing in what appeared to be chalk dust, with 3 letters that I could decipher, REA and an arrow pointing down towards the phone. I called in assistance, but then realized, the note must say READ and perhaps the message was on the phone. Yep, right on the mark, some guy had left a message for another housekeeper who he apparently had a conversation with, and decided to leave her a $5 tip....Whoa, pretty amazing on my part, right?
  However, back to the psychic business. I am like everyone else, I need to be told stuff. I was taught many years ago, never to assume, so I don't. I wonder, I try and deduce, but, the spirits do not speak to me. I am not Mr. Spock, or even Criss Angel, you want me to know something, either tell me, or pass a message through someone else (living). Assumptions cause nothing but trouble, and today was filled to the brim with that.
  I spent 1/2 an hour getting sh*t for things beyond my control. I have been going in early and working my butt off on 2 very large areas, that generally take someone all day to do one. I mentioned before how I was going to take my fair share, well, I have been. But, because of some unwritten rule, I am apparently responsible for ensuring all work gets done. Not possible!!
  I had a new person for 2 days. It was wonderful, she was experienced, and worked right along side me, but...I guess I over did things yesterday, promised her an easier day today, and lied! Now she is gone, a moment of sunshine, and back into darkness. She left the job hunched over, and apparently full of admiration for the job I go into do each day, said it was too much for her, and far too unpleasant. I wish I could have allowed her the opportunity of dipping her feet into the water, instead of instantly dunking her.
  If I was a fortune teller, I would have known yesterday that she would depart, in fact I would have known to call in sick this morning, so I didn't have a day from h-ll!
  I think there are on-line detective courses. Going to check into that right now!!