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Saturday, 14 April 2012


I suppose Caesars in Vegas must have a staff of hundreds, if not thousands. I am sure the Hilton has an incredible amount of people working in it. Those places have more guests than this town has population. My goodness,if not this whole town, at least 1/2 would be under one roof, so to speak. The stuff that would go on there is likely limited to floors. I guess that housekeeping staff would  not even know everyone that works with them, right?
  Well, zoom back to my world. We probably have about 125 guests, which in truth is about 10% of the population,lol. The whole staff, including kitchen and office adds up to 20 and that is pushing it, I am including some who only come in a few days a week, or even just to fill in once in awhile. That also includes the employer, so pretty skimpy, right?
  How can so few people have the ability to manage to screw with every single life (O.K. maybe there are 1 or 2 left out) of those they work with? Because my job keeps me away from the hub of things, I tend to miss out on many of the stories that permanently float about, but every once in awhile, one will make its way over to our area, and absolutely blow  our minds.The latest is such. In a workplace that is so damn busy for some of us, we just don't have time to make up stories. Stories are started by people who have far too much time on their hands, and therefore, have to find something outside of actual work to use their energy on.I think, unless a person's work is suffering, or they have become impossible to work with, there is no need for someone else to go tell the boss anything.
  In my workplace, I don't get too much time to speak with the other staff. I do have a standing "smoke break" with ol' Dusty Butt in the mornings he works, and we do chatter. However, the chatter is generally about stuff outside of the work place, or, on particularly bad days, a chance for either of us to vent. I don't think what we speak of, has any bearing on other staff, and certainly (at least I hope) does not reach the employers ears (unless she is listening through the window).
  So, where does this insane stuff come from? There are only 2 possibilities, folks have to realize, with a staff this small, things can be easily traced, by someone with extremely limited detective skills. The Where is easily solved, the Why is something that I will never understand. Why does someone decide to share untruths with the boss? I can understand bantering amongst your co-workers, but when you take the step to go into the office to spew things you do not know as fact, that is unacceptable. To walk in that door, you know you are likely inviting grief for someone else.
  A Boss in many places does not know what is happening in their workplace. They simply assume that things are running fine, and they pay others to ensure this. When one of their staff comes in with a story that seems to have some affect on their business, how are they to know if it is fact? I suppose in a perfect world, they would investigate, but, still the damage has been done. One of their employees has brought an innocent co-worker into the office to defend themselves over something they did not do. I wonder if that person realizes that they have chipped a tiny piece off their fellow worker? No one likes to be singled out, and lied about.
  Being that this is a small town, rumors are always floating about. However, the workplace is much smaller, yet, and these rumors do not have a long life span, they quickly reach their mark. They may be a little warped when they reach the poor victim, but the message is clear enough, someone has been lying about them, and worse, going to the source of their income with these lies.
  I know, you all clicked in with hopes that you would read something juicy, and cripes, I could certainly spew a good one, at this moment, but, I live and work in a very small town, and do not want to have to answer for something that I do not have all the facts about. I am just fed up, when other areas of my employment see fit to stick their noses into the business of those I work with, simply to stir the pot. These lies cause people to get upset, and when they are upset, work becomes second, they are on the defensive, and that takes energy, that I want them to use working! Because most who work with me, need their income, they are stuck, they can't confront the person who started these lies, because it would cause serious problems with the limited staff. Kind of a "Catch 22", eh? Instead we have to tell our side to the employer, and keep our ears peeled for the next lie conjured up by those who don't work hard enough.
  So, if any bosses are reading this, look twice at those employees that are continually bringing you stories about other workers. They should be too damn busy doing their jobs, to be watching , or imagining, what other folks are doing!