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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hotel or Care Home?

I think I mentioned how I could never have entered the medical profession, because of certain phobias I have with various bodily secretions, such as Ear wax. I know my limitations, and that is why I am stuck in the job I have. Oh, I know, I have also admitted I do not do well with puke, but thankfully I have a co-worker who has a far stronger stomach than myself, and she will step up to the plate if I come across that problem. I will say, I have had a few times that I did not realize I was dealing with  puke, as it has been rolled up in blankets and bedspreads, disguised until it is too late to do any more than ask another to open a garbage bag, and throw the mess in. I know, you all assume a person in my line of work, has the stomach of a goat, nope, can't even change a new born anymore. Just an FYI, if you do happen to get violently ill while staying in a hotel, and can't make it to the porcelain throne, please take a moment to write a note of warning, and perhaps apology, do not under any circumstances wrap it up in bedding or towels!!!
  So, on with tonight's peeve.I am writing this so that perhaps those reading can give me some answers. I am confused...I thought when a person grew up, and was potty trained, the days of being proud of what came out your butt were over. It was no longer necessary to call folks over to see what you left, and the cheering section, left the building when training pants went in the garbage. I, along with my co-workers, have to wonder why a grown adult, would think it proper, to leave their waste product on display, and in fact, expect someone else to clean it up. Now, this is not a one time deal, this is steady. It is not a ginormous amount, but it is a very obvious amount. Am I alone, in thinking, if, heaven forbid, I had an issue while sleeping in a bed that others would see on a daily basis, I would whip those puppies off and head to the nearest laundromat to ensure that disappeared. Does this person not imagine that a group of strange women would all troop into view this continual problem, that it would become knowledge to all who work in the establishment? Lord, I am embarrassed for this individual. That brings something new to my blog, a survey.  I need to ask, if you had a poop problem, while staying in a hotel, would you expect housekeeping to change your bed daily? I am aware that this happens in a Care home, and that is one of the reasons I never considered working in one.I will respect your opinions,lol, but if the large majority figures it is fine for myself and my co-workers to continue to clean this on a daily basis, I will start to add pictures to my blog, and I will package the offending linen up and send it to each and every person who feels this is acceptable.