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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Monday, 16 April 2012

Beam me up Scotty!!

Oh, if it were only that simple, just push a lapel pin, say those words, and you are instantly whisked away from Bizarro world, onto your "mother ship" where things are perhaps a little spacey , but, everything runs on routine. My gosh, I pray for routine. I would even consider taking a  cut (O.K. very small) in pay, if I could be assured of sanity when I enter the work place. Again, it is Hotel housekeeping, I expect the odd shock to the system upon entering a guest's room, but it seems the insanity is, in fact, flooding into my life, from outside those rooms.
  Is it because I had 2 days off? Maybe it isn't as crazy assed as I perceive? Hah! It is beyond perception!!I have to shake my head, maybe I should just cut days off, entirely? If I didn't go away from the dark side into the light for a short time, I might just accept that the world is really whirling about lop sided, and I could just slide into the stupidity, and get lost. I use so much energy fighting the Mad Hatters and March Hares. Maybe it is that morning coffee, perhaps it contains some sort of pill that is made from dried teeny tiny mushrooms? There has to be an explanation, and although I have honed my detective skills, I can't solve the mystery of the other world that I enter each work day.
  I am beginning to think that I would be far better off, just hanging my head and accepting. But, I am frightened, if I do this, will I lose my sanity. Is that what needs to happen? Maybe I am one of the few sane people there, and that is why I can't understand? Then again, maybe I am the lunatic, and everyone and everything else is proper? I want to quit feeling totally drained within the first hour of work, just so much happens, it is like I am bombarded, and then, like a Rubik's Cube , I try vainly to flip everything about so it lines up straight. I just can't get things lined up, each time I think I will hear the click, something else just flies out of the air, and adds another color to the cube.
  You all know, I have worked elsewhere during my tenure on earth. I have had some pretty different jobs, but, even the government jobs I worked at, did not contain as much drama as this one. Cripes, I did some time in the military, where I encountered my first split personality (she was one of my room-mates), a self proclaimed witch, and a few schizophrenics. But.....maybe because I was so much younger, this did not scar me near as much as the present.
  I worked at a Town Panty (I know, it is Pantry) and had to deal with the public, which is extremely trying, but my co-workers were great, we all had to spend 8 hours smiling at folks we really wanted to spit at. Although many of those who worked with me were young teenagers, the "grown-ups" are all still very special friends of mine, because we had to form a bond to be able to keep smiling.
  Perhaps that is the problem? Maybe it is because it is impossible to form a bond, maybe everyone tends to be centered upon themselves. Maybe we need to go on some sort of corporate get-away, where we have to learn to trust our fellow workers? Whoa, at this point, I would not fall back into too many arms, because I would end up with serious back problems from hitting the floor! I do think that the single get-together time at the Christmas staff party, is not enough for us to realize that each one of us, is a person. We all have feelings, and we can all get hurt by the actions or inaction of others. 
  I am a true believer in the power of communication. People need to talk!! I know, I do an awful lot of it, but right now, I think if things are left to simmer too long, they will curdle and there will be no fixing them.
  So.... maybe...before things become cottage cheese, those I work with, can find a time when we can all sit down, as regular human beings, and talk. Romantic relationships are important, and couples have to learn to talk to stay together, family relationships are important, and sitting down to talk will solve many issues. Work relationships are also important, your job takes up a large portion of your time, and having a great working environment, especially in my line of work, would make the time so much more bearable. We have to stick together, otherwise the Mother ship will crash and burn, and no one will be there to beam us up when we need it!