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  • Lord of the Flies
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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

More Nit Picks

I know, I am always complaining! Well, those who have the pleasure of being in my company, have learned to pretty much ignore 3/4's of what comes out of my mouth. My Honey has learned to tune me out when I go on a rant (which is why we have lasted forever). But, you poor readers have to actually click in and, I bet you are always thinking "what is she b*tching about now?" I don't think I will ever stop finding something that annoys me, LOl, maybe it is what keeps me motivated?
  So, tonight, I came home from work, with a blank. I had no clue what I was going to write about, because, although I worked even longer than usual, I had an awesome day...go figure.I admit, I farted about, doing the usual doodley jobs, washed some dishes, made myself a delicious meal of hot dogs and Ichiban, with a cup of Orange Pekoe tea, as a touch of class to a classless meal. Still nothing, except the title. Walked the dog (well, drove out of town to a nice spot, stood there, eating Milk Duds, as he walked himself) nothing... Hauled my butt outside 1/2 an hour ago, sat in the Hot tub and instantly, things just started popping into my head that irritate me. I have plenty of fodder for a nice little blog, now.
  We will start with clippings. I think I have already written about Toe Nail man, but these are just your regular clippers. Now, here is a hypothesis(yep, the old biddie still retains a smidgen of her Science learnings). Say you invite a passel of friends and family to spend a holiday weekend in your abode. Weekend is over, and you are in the midst of clearing up, you get to your coffee table in the living room and find a collection of toe nail clippings. Pretty gross, eh? I suppose if you are really close to all those who attended, you could simply question everyone to find out who did this, but...generally you would shake your head, find something to protect your delicate skin, and drop them into the waste. But, you did know these people, and obviously liked them enough to have them in your home. The hotel is not my home, and the guests are not friends or family, however, they insist on leaving these collections. Usually they are right beside a waste basket, or an ashtray. Come on, dispose of your body bits, yourself. I will never clean a carpeted room in socking feet, why, because I have in the past, stepped on these bits, and don't ever want to do so again.
  Next, and a very close second, are Q-tips. Come on, these go inside your ears, and come out with your wax, yeew..that is disgusting. I just cannot pick up the darn things without tissue or something else, I know, it's not poop, but for some reason, it turns my stomach. Good thing I never went into the medical profession, can't imagine looking inside ears at all that wax buildup. Thankfully, apparently I do not have that problem, according to most of my family, you can look in one of my ears and see clearly through to the other side. Maybe that is why I have such an issue with wax? I will include ear plugs with the q-tips, although in some ways they are even grosser, they have been sitting in someone's ear for a long period of time. Do you think I have some issues? Do I need therapy?
  The last thing on the list (for tonight) are those new fangled floss sticks. I have always hated those strings of dental floss, and I am thankful they have almost disappeared with these new dealies, but...they are also capable of turning my stomach. I just don't like the idea of touching something that has been inside a strangers mouth, cleaning plaque!!! Oh, goodness, it is apparent I didn't have a chance for a career, as along with Ear, nose and throat specialists, I could never have been a dentist either.
  So, since sitting down and getting these irritants off my chest (so to speak) I wonder, how on earth did I find a job that requires me to deal with items that make my skin crawl on a daily basis. I also wonder if I can overcome my extreme queasiness with clippings and Q-tips, will I someday overcome my phobia of spiders?