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  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
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Saturday, 28 April 2012

World Peace

  Now, I must tell you all, I went into work yesterday, and was thrilled to find that the morning waitress had lovingly baked a huge plate of brownies for us toilet scrubbers. How much better can the start to a day get, than knowing you have enough chocolate to keep a person energized for a full day? Awesome!!! I think baking should certainly be supplied to all females to assure they spend their work day happy, and do not have to waste energy dealing with growling stomachs. I am of the opinion that baking is a key element to energy, brownies, pies, cake, monkey balls, they all assist in the ability to clean.I can honestly state, I personally work much harder when I have a sugar buzz.
   My goodness, perhaps I have solved the secret to productivity in the work place? Imagine, what a simple expense it would be to companies, if they supplied their employees with a dessert tray? It would have to be very accessible, and of course, out of the vision of the employers, so the lowly peons could satisfy their cravings without fear of someone keeping track of who goes to the tray the most. I know that would be something that would happen after some point...so in our case, I think that the Maid's room would certainly be the best place to place the treats, as the employer very seldom enters this domain. I imagine that it would also help the economy, as someone would have to be hired to ensure the desserts would be constantly replenished.Hey, perhaps if the wage is right, I could have that job. I would be happy and smiling all the time, making sure all treats were acceptable for others...I suppose they would have to add Taste tester to the job description. Imagine all the happy employees? We would not dawdle by the Treat tray, as that would tick off the boss, the idea would be to quickly grab one, or two treats, and scurry off somewhere hidden to shove it down our throats, work like an idiot for a while, and burn off the calories (ohhh, this idea is sounding better and better) making the treat tray non-fattening, as well, back for a re-fill, and so on and so on. HOLA, the amount of work that would be done would be mind boggling!! We would all be skinny, as well, since we would be burning that sugar faster than antelopes (I was going to say Gazelle's but then we are not really that graceful). Geez Louise, why hasn't anyone thought of this before?
  I really should be in upper management!!! I should, in fact, be in charge of the whole darn country!!!Imagine, politicians.. they would have all sorts of energy, and they would all be rushing to work, solving all the problems, and actually doing their jobs. Lord love us, I should be in the UN, I should be nominated for the Nobel Peace prize, because....think of all the world's problems getting dealt with, by people supplied in wonderful baked goods, the smells would make them smile, the sight would put gleams in their eyes, and the taste would make everything dark and dismal fade away, and to give to others would be so much easier, and to think of the poor and hopeless would become important, because they would all feel content, and have selfish thoughts disappear, all because they would finally be satisfied with what they have.
  I have actually blown my own mind, by the simple solution to so many issues in the world today, an ordinary Dessert Tray!!!!