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Monday, 2 April 2012


Ooops, sorry about neglecting my blog. I am on days off, wheee...and for the first time , in a very long time, I have not thought about work! Now, as I am getting to the end of the days off, thoughts of course, turn to the realization, tomorrow I return to the drudge.
  Oh things are all tickity boo at work, got staff, and it makes an incredible difference. For over a year, we have had to go in, put our heads down, and plow through, now, it is difficult to gear down, although I will give it a good try tomorrow.
  Hah! I hear from a few folks, who have been reading, and ,also, have to spend a lot of time in hotels. Now, I expect some housekeepers will be thrilled with the odd chocolate bar, left on the table, and that is a good thing. However, it seems now friends are checking things out, and have a slight fear of leaving their toothbrush out in the open.
  I thought today would be a day to alleviate some fears folks might have of housekeeping going through their personal possessions. I can't speak for all housekeeping, as I know for a fact that there are some bad apples out there, oh,oh, maybe you will see me as a bad apple by the time I am finished....
  My goal is to complete my work load, I just don't have the time to dig through stuff in rooms, except to clear a pathway in some of the messier ones. I admit to going in a suitcase once. That was when I had spotted the ginormous personal pleasure device on a bathtub, and told the others about it. We went into the room as a group (yes, we will do that, so hide your special toys) and checked out the tub, nothing, we pulled back the covers, still nothing, it had to be in there. The suitcase was open, and I did flip it back to check inside, nothing...It had apparently been placed out of sight, but we all knew something about that invisible lady, and her quality "me" time.
  So, that admission is now public, I apologize. I don't care about perfume, so never test any guests out, no way to hide the fact that you go into a room smelling like Lady Schick deodorant, and come out smelling like eau de toilette...(get the pun?) I certainly don't care about clothing, just that it is not on the floor. Nothing worse then some young female who enjoys leaving her thongs laying about. We do NOT want to have to get a stick to lift those off the floor, it grosses us out(FYI). So, no fear of me trying on outfits, except...my BFF...Years back she had this dream to get herself a leather jacket. Well, lo and behold, we are cleaning up a room, that looked like the guest had left, and there on a hanger was a beautiful leather jacket. Hummm...could they have forgotten that? Hey, quite possible, she was thrilled. Off the hanger and onto her back. It looked lovely, fit pretty good too. Bonus, free leather jacket. NOT!!! Apparently someone had checked back into that room, and had simply hung their jacket up. So, you can trust me not to try on clothes in rooms, but be careful of your leather jackets around my friend.
  But, since I am being honest, I will admit, watch your goodies. If someone has a container of Jujubes, with more than 30 (this is my personal system) I will help myself to 2. That way, I am almost positive the guest will not miss them. If there are less than that, it is forbidden. Just recently, my friend and I were doing a clean, and there was a huge bag of Caramels. I took 3, and then informed her as she went to help herself, that I had exceeded the "Take" limit, so she had to wait until the next day, when she quickly ensured she took 3, leaving me Caramel-less. So, I suppose, in all honesty, I do steal. Do I feel guilty, yes, very much so. I know it is only a candy or 2 or 3, but, it is still stealing, and for this, I again apologize. But, I did offer fair warning, right?
  So, as you see, you are reasonably safe in the hotel I work at, and I know not every place is like this, likely, not all housekeepers have a sweet tooth...But to be on the safe side, either count your candies, and leave a note if you are missing some, duct tape your containers shut..or as stated, many times before, leave those poor old bats a treat, it will make their day!