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  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Friday, 30 March 2012


Hey, I am home early again!! I am blown away, I think it may just happen tomorrow as well, and I can certainly handle that!!
  Now, just because my day went fairly smoothly, don't think there wasn't stuff that ticked my butt...cuz, of course there was!
  I think I have mentioned that my workplace is not the Hilton, right? Nothing fancy, in fact, it is somewhat rundown (O.K. some of it is not pretty), but, it is damn clean!! Today someone asked when they checked in, if the place had fleas!!! Hey, just because someone is not pretty, it doesn't mean they are dumb as a stick, same goes for ugly hotels. We have never, in all the time I have worked, experienced a flea issue. We do have these buglies that appear every single year, that we call "crunch" beetles. There is nothing we can do to combat these beetles, they are in many homes in town, and it is not because of cleanliness. Oh, and we get ants. Ants are an enormous problem in this area. I have never lived someplace with as many ant hills as this town, therefore, the sight of an ant, is nothing unusual, and we will do the same thing the average homeowner does, to get rid of that problem. I can't fathom why I was so offended when I heard this, as I will honestly state, when I first moved here, I actually thought one of the outlying areas I now clean, was  condemned.
 Yep, when I first started working there, I was shocked when my friend drove me up to the building. I really did think it was such an old wreck of shacks, it had to be empty. Silly me!!That building has some major history behind it, I have heard stories of Hookers having lineups to the rooms, during the Hay day, heehee, I don't know, if we had a hooker in there now, she would likely be a pretty cheap one. I also don't think the "porch" could hold a lineup. 
  What else irritated me today? Oh, apparently we had some sort of quality control check...Huh??Just had the BC accommodations guy there, and there was a tiny issue of him finding a piece of cardboard under a bed, but no complaints over cleanliness. There are a million things that should be dealt with. Yes, we have the Vacuum princess, but her complaints should go in one ear and out the other, that one will never be satisfied. We have had the odd complaint when a room is missed, and that does not happen very often, but, like any hotel, if someone spends enough time, they will find something.
  I will say, just down the road from our tacky, shabby hotel, is a brand new modern hotel. It has a lovely fireplace in the lobby, a paved parking lot, and a long list of complaints. They just lost their sign, because they did not meet quality standards, (or so I heard).
  I will also say, 20 years ago, when times were real tough, and my Honey and I suddenly got stuck away from home, we headed to the cheapest motel. We had often laughed about how it looked like a wind would blow it down, but, we needed a place we could afford, and upon entering our room, we were amazed. It was old, and it was shabby, the toilet rocked when you sat on it, but...it was scrubbed clean.
 So, take it from me, never judge a hotel by it's cover, it's what's under the covers that counts.