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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Age inappropriate Jobs

O.K. I know, it was only days ago, I was bragging how wonderful I felt finishing a a day of housekeeping, with just my buddy and myself. Hah! I was apparently running on adrenaline, and this old worn out sack of bones did not clue into the fact that it is not 30 something, anymore, or even 40 something! Some jobs are simply age inappropriate.
  Come on, imagine a 56 year old stripper.....I suppose if she had been doing that job for about 35 years, and saved all her tips from her 20's to get some serious plastic surgery, and some joint replacements, it could happen. How about a 56 year old hand model, yuck!!! Oh, I know, I see Diane Keaton advertising for some amazing makeup that apparently fills in all cracks and crevices , but she is not the" norm", right? How about swimsuit illustrated? Face it, there comes a time, when certain jobs are beyond age limits.
 I have tried to convince myself this is excellent exercise, and it does me good to get moving, but...now I wonder. Today I seem to have run out of energy. I drank coffee, nothing, I ate some dessert, still nothing, I tried some potato chips, as they are my miracle food, but, not this time. I just hit that brick wall, pushed myself to the limit, and there is no emergency supply of gumption to tap into. That is something that must come with old age, the loss of that back-up supply you could use, if needed. It must disappear with bone density?
  Each day, I check my To-Do list, and although some mornings, it seems daunting, I am confident I can manage. Today was such a day, just one building, and one weekly in another, looked do able. I may have made a mistake, worked like an idiot for the first 4 hours, to ensure I gave myself time, but when lunch arrived, I could barely trudge my way to my car for the drive home. Going back after the toast and raspberry dessert, was agony. My brain (yes it still works) kept saying, "just lay down and have a short nap", HOLA!! I have reached napping age!!!!However, apparently there is no siesta time in British Columbia, so...back I went. I didn't even have the energy to chant how much I hate my job (and that is very bad).
  I am beginning to think that I am almost at the brink of being too old to clean hotel rooms. I know, my friend is older than me, and I keep thinking, if she can still do this, I have a few more years left in me, I should manage till 62, right? But, as I have stated before, she is much skinnier, and less wrinkled, so perhaps she is more like Diane Keaton, than I am?
  I think I should check into a new job, like Gypsy Fortune teller, they are all wrinkled, and hunched over. I could do that, without any makeup, plus, I would get to wear great big rings on my non-hand model hands. The only problem is, they are always gazing into crystal balls, and I really don't like looking at myself in the mirror every morning, let alone staring at my reflection all day!
 I suppose I will give housekeeping another try, tomorrow. There are 4 more days left in this pay period, I should at least attempt to finish off the month. Then, there will be the next pay period, which doesn't end until the 15th, so ...I will remain on the Hamster wheel of life, until I win the lottery, or I am put out to pasture by all the young people clambering for my job.