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Monday, 26 March 2012

High Maintenance

Lord love us!! There are times when I get a real hate on for a guest. Most of the time, I have no clue what they look like, or even if they are really snots, but, sometimes, guests become irritants. As I stated, before, we have some messy guys, but we overlook the odd rotting bag of potatoes (which we throw out) or laundry strewn floor, simply because we know the poor guy has been working non-stop for months, and when we do run into him, he never asks for anything, except, perhaps if we can throw a load in our laundry for him, and he does pay for this. These rooms usually take a fair amount of time to clean, but there are never any calls to the office, because we forgot a face cloth, or nasty notes left on the coffee table because the bedspread has crumbs on it.
  However, we have the guests from hell once in awhile, and the latest is a real winner, extreme high maintenance!!! This is a couple, they have a dog, which remains in their room while they work. They are the ones with the freaking air freshener addiction. We have the pleasure of a new one, much like the one on the toilet, that pishes stink in our face while cleaning the toilet. (BTW, we no longer clean her toilet bowl, she has shoved some blue thing in there, and we are not about to add our smoking stuff to the blue, in case we suddenly become fairy princesses  when the two mix and envelope us in cloud). The new stinker is on top of the microwave stand, and like it's twin, is set to go off with movement, so once you start to wipe the microwave off, Bazinga, suddenly sucking back perfume. 
  So, anyhow, these are the folks who we returned all the dope and fixings to, right(the" Snears Inspector mystery")? Thought they might just sort of tone things down, Housekeeping could have ratted them out, if they wanted, but our motto remains the same, "What happens in the hotel, stays in the hotel" except, of course my subtle blogs,lol.But no, she has not changed a bit, as time goes on, she gets progressively more needy.
  Anyhow, we also have (because we love puppies)started  taking this doggie out each day when we clean , thought this might be appreciated (nope). This winner leaves a note every 2 days, wanting her bedding changed, she wants everything changed, sheets, blanket and spread, and you already know our usual routine on this matter. We have found puke, blood, and spilled food on days the note is not left, so often everything is changed daily.. She has called the office because her carpet was not vacuumed, she has , in a drugged stupor gone after housekeeping to clean the corners in her bathroom, she has candles that have tipped onto the carpet, requiring a person (me) to sit on the floor and iron the wax up onto brown paper. They leave everything from skittles to twizzlers in the bed, which is also the favourite resting place for the puppy.
  Yesterday when there were only 2 staff, she went off to complain once again about her carpet not getting vacuumed. You would think that those running the show, would simply explain that staff was at a bare minimum, and she would have to wait till the next day, but no, one of the owners was actually told she had better get in there and do the job. Staff had done this, when they were confronted by the office, and informed the owner, who upon entering the room, understood immediately that the bedroom had not been done, simply because there was no visible carpet, it was buried under dirty clothes. Come on!! Would you invite a stranger into your place to complain about the housekeepers when you live in a sty? What are these people missing? Ooops, there it is again, Common Sense!!!
  I will manage to control my "Hate on" , because I have been doing some serious thinking ....I recently saw an Ad where the housekeeper used someone's toothbrush to scrub that poo glue, could happen.....